Yellowhead Chiefs @ Winnipeg Monarchs – October 18, 2020 Iceplex

Yellowhead Chiefs @ Winnipeg Monarchs – Iceplex

Winnipeg U15 AAA

October 18, 2020


Monarchs: (2)

#1 Leyton Medwick (Goalie): Good size goalie, who won the game for Monarchs. He had good rebound control, challenges to top of crease, square to shooters, moves well and shows good battle. Been well coached with good rebound control to corners and uses voice to communicate well with team. Was big for Monarchs early and held off a late charge for his team win a tight one.

#3 Tavon McCorrister (Defense): Average skating, good size. Nice compete and get in lanes with three blocks shots. Great net front clearing. Has good shot when can get off. Needs to work on taking the simple play instead of forcing the individual play, use partner more. Had a couple late game turnovers which his partner bailed him out, would like to see him do the d to d play and settle things down.

#4 Aaron Krestanowich (Defense): Average skater can improve edges and body control. Had couple nice physical plays to retrieve pucks. Had good positioning and was good in support for his partner. Good outlets and stretch passes to forwards. Strong net front presence on pk. Had some nice pp time and looks cross seam back door passes to forwards.

#8 Evan Gradt (Forward): had the most offensive chances on this night for Monarchs. Got wide on 2on 1 and got open to score. Was good on pp finding open ice and walking off the wall for net drives. He needs to find a higher work rate and ethic to elevate his game throughout rest of season.

#14 Cater Bibeau (Defense): Not the best skater or balance but showed good positioning and iq to read plays around the ice. Has a nice gap defensively and can jump in on offense. Good net front clearing in his end and protecting goalie. Had a PP goal with a nice shot finding seam after walking line and good puck movement on pp finding open teammates with ease. Physical in separating guys from puck and had a blocked shot.

Yellowhead Chiefs: (1)

#30 Gavin Pomeray (Goalie): A big calm goalie. Good positioning and movement. Had trouble tracking a few pucks in traffic.

#9 Bryce Bryant (Forward): A shifty smaller player with great iq and skillset. Reminds me of Keenan Skrupa from 2005 age group. Highly skilled lots of dangles. Doesn’t shy away from physical play despite his stature. Uses speed and edges to make plays and be around the puck and find open ice for himself. A good passer who made lots of plays. Was good on wall on PP and was fun to watch all game.

#6 Rylan Bray (Defense): The Captain of Yellowhead is a stay at home defenseman. Has a nice hard low shot he was able to get off a few times. Walks line to delay pass or finds lanes for shots. For a big guys he moves just ok. Would like to see him find his timing and use his large frame to separate guys from puck more in future.

#15 Tarek Lapointe (Forward): A big power forward who was all around the ice and near puck all game. Good on fore check and puck retrievals pressuring the puck carrier hard. Uses speed to get around ice, had a nice full ice rush or two. Fearless in his play with intent to hound pucks. Had lone goal for his team converting on nice 3 on 1.

#11 Max Collyer (Forward): Another big body and power forward type game and had lot of puck touches. I liked his aggressive style and was good on pk. Relentless on the back check getting rite after the puck carrier. Showed real good position pucks seemed to find him. Lots of potential.

#16 Dru Mushumanski (Forward): Highly skilled fun to watch. Very fast skater but can control speed and slow down game when needs to. High work rate to complement his offensive minded game. Lots of good skills, passing and vision. Quick release and shot which he may not of had dialed in today, luckily for Monarchs. He had a great third when his team was down and with any luck could of won or tied game for his team as he had three grade A chances. Would back check but looks for offence mostly, Could improve a 200t game abit more but doubt if Yellowhead cares.

Game Takes: Monarchs have a good defense core and one good goalie for sure. Not much offense it seemed. Lost 5-0 in Yellowhead early in weekend.  So 2 goals in 2 games only. Yellowhead has lots of good players and I expect they will get better as they learn to play together for the first time in there region. They easily could of won today if wasn’t for Monarchs goalie Medwick standing tall and any puck luck at all. Wasn’t there day it seemed.