Avery Laliberte

NAME: Easton Gaffrey

TEAM: Eastman Selects (MBAAA)




October 23rd vs Winnipeg Monarchs –  I  love the way Laliberte has his head up when he walks the line in the Ozone and has the ability to find sticks away from the net for tips. Left shot D that tends to play the right side. Good use of the Mohawks in puck protection. He showed nice DZone faceoff intensity by getting off the wall to help win the draw.  He skates well with the puck,  makes nice outlet passes and then follows it up to be another attacker moving forward. (Darryl Martin)


October 16th vs Winnipeg Sharks – Laliberte had a solid game, where he was active offensively, jumping into the play with regularity using his speed generated through his quick stride. He had some good rushes up the ice, but he has got to keep his head up as he entered the zone with his head watching the puck. He needs to clean up where the puck is located as it was often too close to his body so he would lose control of it and start looking down. He had space and was using it but his head was down not scanning the slot or for the forward to create a scoring opportunity. He did break up a few blue line exits using his stick and body position to slow down the on coming player and plays very well on his weak side. He also gave out some big hits, and used his body to separate players from the puck and competed hard in the defensive zone. (Luke Holding)


October 16th vs Winnipeg Sharks – Was abit quieter in the first half of game compared to last time I viewed this player. Maybe due to the increase in competition vs the sharks. He was way more active in the third when team was down. Lots of offensive awareness jumps into play quick. He had a couple nice wall pinches to keep puck going in offensive zone. Was PP QB and had some solid pk work also. Hopefully he can keep his compete level up all season. (Chris Boles)


October 11th vs Interlake Lightning –Laliberte was skating really well, fluid movement both forwards and back. He showed no hesitation to jump into the rush and makes a good first pass out of his end, then would close the gap quickly as he joined the rush. Always has his head up and is patient with the puck. Good ability to hold the line in the offensive zone and then walk it with the puck.(Darryl Martin)


October 3rd vs Interlake Lightning – Good vision, sees the ice well. Nice ability to use the wall on the breakout of his zone. Good gap control and showed good positioning on a couple 2 on 1s. Lots of offensive awareness jumps into play quick. (Chris Boles)