Brycen Gair

NAME: Brycen Gair

TEAM: Winnipeg Sharks (MBAAA)



HAND: Left

October 16th vs Eastman Selects – Gair has really high end puck skills and shooting ability that came through today as he and Giasson were two players who really controlled the play in the offensive zone through out the night. I really liked how he used the perimeter and made pace for himself but using his feet and puck handling ability to fake out defenders and get the puck in to high danger areas. His release on his shot is high end as he pick off the far top corner for the 4th goal while just above the goal line. I would like him to be more aggressive in the defensive zone like his is in the offensive zone. If he can add the back checking element and force mistakes to gain control of the puck in the defensive zone, he would really bring his game to the next level. It was a great first game for him as he is one of the higher end Manitoba offensive players in the league (Luke Holding)


October 16th vs Eastman Selects – An above average skater who is offensively driven, with nice puck skills. He uses edges and hands to be able to find open ice and create chances for himself and his line mates. He has a good release and quick decently hard shot. He played the wall on the pp and showed good vision and net drive from that spot. Scored on a nice give and go on pp. He has good position around the ice but I would like to see him add a defensive awareness this game so he can become a well-rounded player for his team. (Chris Boles)