BWC Prep U15 Vs Delta Green U15 Prep

BWC Prep U15 Vs Delta Green U15 Prep

League CSSHL PREP U 15 

Date October 17 2020

Online Viewing

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BWC Prep U15:

# 90 Diego Buttazonni (Froward): Diego has speed, skill, strength, determination and plays with an edginess in his game. With two goals and 10 hits, Diego made his mark on the game. I have no doubt That Diego will be one of the top forwards in this year’s WHL Draft.

# Dryden Kuramoto (Forward): He is the best skater in the 2006 born group. His edges, quick turns and ability to go from standing still to full speed is exceptional. Dryden has always played up in age and it is noticeable. Even though he is not the biggest guy on the ice it does not sop him from being physical. But the strength in his game is speed, skill and did I say speed!!! Dryden is set to be drafted in the first round of this years WHL Draft.

# 65 Gabriel Guilbault (Defence): Being awarded the MVP of the varsity division last year, Gabriel has a lot to prove this year. From the get go it looks like he is ready and up for the challenge. Undoubtedly one of the best skating defencemen out there. He has size and know when and how to use it, he hits when it’s the right time to do it and stays calm in pressure situation. Talented athlete! See him going very early in the WHL draft 2021


Delta Green Prep U15

# Gavin Garland (Forward): The best player in this game and probably right now in my opinion the best 2006 forward in CSSHL. I know it’s only one game but this kid is impressive. His hockey IQ is through the roof and he has the skill to match it. Every time he was on the ice he made the difference to keep a Delta team that does not match up on paper against BWC, looking like they could win. WHL Draft teams take notice! Gavin Garland right now my top pick for WHL draft.

# 22 Cayden Lindstrom (Forward): A genuine 6ft, 170 pound forward that plays like a 6’7ft 230 pound forward. Cayden was noticeable just ask the 20 players on the BWC team that he physically abused with his big hits. And yes he also has some skill, scoring twice against the best defence in the CSSHL. Playing on a Line with Gavin Garland and Jack Sears. These boys will be reason why teams will be very weary when they play against Delta Green. WHL draft prospect that should go in the first few rounds.

# 77 Jaren Ashbee (Defence): Smooth skating, great vision, offensive edge, these are only a few aspects of Jaren’s game. He likes rushing the puck and creates lots of scoring opportunities. Jaren is a solid D-Man and together with the other D-man on the team performed exceptionally well against and high end skill loaded BWC team.

# 30 Brayden Burrows(Goalie): Moving over from West Van academy where he had a 12 win and 1 loss record to Delta Green. Brayden will be the nr. 1 goalie for Delta. Brayden has an exceptionally well developed game. He is good in all areas of the net and currently is just waiting for that growth spurt to kick in. He faced 56 shots in his first game and let in 7 goals. In my opinion, not one of them being a “bad goal”. We will keep our eyes on Brayden this year.