Easton Gaffrey

NAME: Easton Gaffrey

TEAM: Eastman Selects (MBAAA)





October 20th vs Winnipeg Monarchs – Gaffrey had a solid game where he showed off his shot and lead the charge to the team tying the game. He has great awareness on where he needs to be on the ice especially defensively. He plays the role of C in the defensive zone, and wonder if he would make a better C instead of the wing in general. Leader. Last off the ice, doesn’t matter how the period or game went, cheer the guys on. (Luke Holding)


October 16th vs Winnipeg Sharks – Has a high work rate. He is a defense first 200 ft kind of player that I like. Lots to like he had six knock down hits and four blocked shots. He was unreal on the pk (good position active stick) with Dancyt which was important as Eastman had lots of penalties. Has a hard shot and is a good skater who looks like he can play many rolls for his team. He has offensive upside and will have to find away to be both for Eastman who might not have a lot of scoring. (Chris Boles)


October 16th vs Winnipeg Sharks – Gaffray was relied upon as the team’s center on the PK, and won many faceoff’s in the defensive zone. He was aggressive in taking up space and time while defending and was aware about his positioning on the ice. He played wing mostly 5v5, played as the third guy high but was always first guy back in the defensive zone. He played a bit to high and would like to see him drive the net and force defenders to defend him creating more 2v1 in the slot opening the blue line up. He is a good skater and has good edge work. If that quick first step comes he will get to his top speed faster and will be able to separate away from players. He also changes speed as deception but would like to see more individual puck skill in tight spaces. (Luke Holding)


October 11th vs Interlake Lightning –  Laliberte was skating really well, fluid movement both forwards and back. He showed no hesitation to jump into the rush and makes a good first pass out of his end, then would close the gap quickly as he joined the rush. Always has his head up and is patient with the puck. Good ability to hold the line in the offensive zone and then walk it with the puck. (Darryl Martin)


October 3rd vs Interlake Lightning – Had lots of jump and a high work rate for lots of the game. Three hits by a heavy fore-checker with a willingness to be the first responder creating a goal for himself and an assist. Also showed the awareness to be the F3 high guy as center man in offensive zone. (Chris Boles)