Winnipeg Monarch’s vs Eastman Selects October 20, 2020

Winnipeg Monarch’s vs. Eastman Selects

WU15AAA Regular Season

October 20, 2020


Winnipeg Monarchs (Live: 1)

#3 Tavon McCorrister (LHD)

Strengths – Body strength; good gap control but will hit and take himself out of the play; simple plays to get puck out of danger; good stick to break up plays

Improvements – skill; struggles against faster opponents; skating is choppy

 McCorrister made a lot of very simple but effective plays to move the puck out of the zone. He uses his size in front of the net but failed to use it to win some key defensive battles. His skating needs works, his edges aren’t great. Some of his skating struggle relate to him growing close to 4” over the summer. He did benefit from being paired with Krestanowich. He didn’t look out of place playing with him but did rely on him. He is a very defensive defensemen. He won’t provide much in driving offense.

#4 Aaron Krestanowich (RHD)

Strengths – Effortless skater with solid edges, quick lateral movement and straight line speed; High hockey IQ and patience; makes space and time for himself; takes up lanes and uses an effective stick in the defensive zone

Improvements – Shot accuracy, consistent shift-by-shift play; keep it cool after whistle; skate with the puck more often; faster first step

Krestanowich is a fluid RHD who is effective in both the defensive and offensive zones. He uses his hockey IQ to make simple plays to get the puck out of the zone either by pass or off the glass. I would like to see him carry the puck out of the zone and lead the rush instead of banking it off the glass if there is no pass. He has an active stick and takes away passing lanes and has good body positioning to retrieve the puck quickly. In the offensive zone he keeps the puck alive by putting it deep and breaks up breakout plays with his stick and body. He can get the puck on net but missed 2 of 3 times. The third time he rushed in and picked his spot and scored from the top of the circle with a slap shot. He was part of the PK unit and the 3v3-starting unit.

#10 Zachary Einarson – (LW)

Strengths – Straight-line speed and good edges; pest around the net; finds open ice

Improvements – cycle game; tight area puck control; defensive IQ

Einarson is a good skater who got under peoples skin in front of the net. He also found open space and was in the right places to get a good scoring opportunity. Not much of a perimeter player, he struggled to win board battles and get the puck to the middle of the ice, unless he entered the zone carrying the puck. If he entered with the puck he would drive the net and tried to create 2v1.

#11 Benjamin McLean – Center

Strengths – finds open ice; above average shot; good skater but doesn’t have the extra gear; good on the perimeter and getting the puck to the middle;

Improvements – quicker on his feet; win board battles; back-check and defend the slot

McLean is an average skater who finds open ice in the offensive zone, and netted a goal because of it. While he does puck watch a bit he does move around to keep open. He is very good at transitioning and skating though the entering the offensive zone carrying the puck and creating 2v1 with his line mate and pushes the defense back.


Eastman Selects (Live: 2)

 #10 Calum Normandeau (Wing)

Strength – hustle on the fore-check; long stride which generates a burst of speed but doesn’t have great speed overall; showed soft hands; could slow the game down to his speed but when it was fast he struggled and chased the game

Improvement – skating needs to be better; edges aren’t tight and look’s like he is skating with cement in his skates

Normandeau in open ice with the puck slowed the game down and showed some soft hands as he skated around guys. He used his size and won board battles and found guys in the middle of the ice. He is very net focused and not leaves the defense open. If he can improve the skating and use all 4 other skaters as a unit he become an offensive force at this level.

#12 Steele Jowett (Center)

Strengths – won face-offs lead to possession; good skater; two-way player; straight line speed; quick, accurate shot

Improvements – push the pace; shift-by-shift aggression; edge work

Jowett is starting to become the team’s 1C and developing some chemistry with Normandeau. At the faceoff dot he wouldn’t always win the puck drop BUT he would get possession 7 out of 9 times. He is a good skater but he’s not overly fast and will need to add that to his game to keep up at the next level but its not far off. His shot is accurate, quick and has good body posture though the shot.

#16 Easton Gaffrey (LW/C)

Strengths – Understands positioning in each zone; hard, fast, accurate shot but needs to get it off quicker and in tight spaces; Leader

Improvements – getting the puck & puck possession;

Gaffrey had a solid game where he showed off his shot and lead the charge to the team tying the game. He has great awareness on where he needs to be on the ice especially defensively. He plays the role of C in the defensive zone, and wonder if he would make a better C instead of the wing in general. Leader. Last off the ice, doesn’t matter how the period or game went, cheer the guys on.

#17 Liam Johnson (LW)

Strengths – Above average skater, great edges and straight-line speed; skill at full speed; puck hound; improved game by game but still figuring out the league

Improvement – consistency; takes shifts off and chases play;

Johnson is a play has improved each game I’ve seen him, and this game the points came as well. He was involved in the play, hounds the puck and uses his speed, edges and hands to take advantage of teams defenses and keeps the puck well around the perimeter and will cut to the net on occasion. Needs play every shift, which he has improved, but got to keep doing it.

# 19 Carlos Penner (RHD)

Strengths – Shot from the blue line; great edges and long, fast stride; gap control; 1 touch pass; coaches trust

Improvements – push the pace offensively; skate the puck out instead of the zone instead of passing

Another solid game for Penner, as he showed his one touch pass, and offensive instincts to keep the play alive. He has a great shot from the blue line. Knowing what shot to take –slap, snap, height of shot, looking for tip- would be another tool to add and keep the goalie guessing instead of always slap shot on net. Add some variety. He has great gap control and doesn’t always kill the play at the blue line, using his IQ to make sure he is covered so they gain control of the puck and transition the other way.