Saskatoon Stallions Vs. Saskatoon Generals Oct. 24th, 2020

Saskatoon Stallions vs Saskatoon Generals

October 24th, 2020

The Generals controlled the majority of the game-winning 7-2

Saskatoon Stallions:

#11 Roger McQueen (C) – McQueen is a Two-Way Center who shines everywhere on the ice. In the defensive zone, McQueen has great positioning and is not afraid to play a physical game if he has to. In the offensive zone, he is always involved in the play. He has good speed and great footwork especially for his size at 6 foot 2. In this game, he does need to work on his stickhandling as he had many attempts to rush into the zone and lost the puck but that may have been a result of his team being dominated and just trying to get something going. I loved his effort in the later stages of the game as he never gave up despite the score.

#15 Trae Wilke (LW) – Wilke showed good offensive IQ in this game. One play that I look at specifically is in the first period the goaltender looked at the bench as the puck dropped so when the puck came to him he threw it on net fast. He has a strong wrist shot. Showed a great ability to handle the puck even from bad passes.

#20 Brayden Smith (D) – Smith skates well, can make quick cuts to avoid hits. He displayed nice hands. Liked how involved he was on the powerplay, carried it up the ice a lot.

Saskatoon Generals: 


#5 Raiden Zacharias (F) – Zacharias is a good skater, has great speed but needs to work on lateral skating. He showed a lot of offense last season but in my first look at him this year he is showing more defensive awareness and did a good job on the penalty kill.

#7 Rowan Guest (D) – Guest did a good job on the powerplay and should hopefully be a good quarterback for the season.

#14 Tanner Clezy (F) – Clezy had a strong game. He made smart plays and clean passes. He was a great net-front presence battling hard and creating offense. Strong along the boards.

#16 Mason Karakochuk (F) – Karakochuk did a good job last season but didn’t get much ice time, but still manage to be productive. Now he will get the chance to be one of the main powerplay forwards and show what he has to give. In this game he did great, he got a couple of points and showed off his strengths. He made clean passes that were smart. Battled hard along the boards and in front of the net.

#20 Beck Humber (D) – Humber had an alright season last year with the Generals, but he had a lot of room to grow. In my first viewing this season he has shown improvement. His skating has gotten better, he has good speed for his size and he is making more lateral movement. He is starting to hold onto the puck with more confidence. Positioning is still very good and uses his stick well to compensate for not being the fastest player.

#23 Logan Pickford (F) – Pickford was my personal player of the game. He was everywhere in the offensive zone. His passes were crisp and he was placing them in the right areas. When he got into the slot with the puck he was very dangerous. Overall very strong game as he was solid on defense as well.