Eastman Selects vs Winnipeg Monarchs – Oct.23/20

Winnipeg Monarchs vs Eastman Selects

WU15 AAA Regular Season

October 23rd, 2020




Eric Cote (Defense):  Cote had a nice zone exit early, made a nice headman pass through the NZ and attacked the net exactly as you would coach it. Cote is not an elite skater but walks the line well in the OZone and makes safe smart plays to keep pressure alive.  I found out during the game that he just switched to defense this season, so might be a bit of a project that could pay off??

Easton Gaffray (Forward): Gaffray isn’t the tallest kid on the ice but he’s built like a tank and hits to hurt. He displayed excellent tight turns to escape defenders and did an admirable job filling in on the back end late in the game.

Avery Laliberte (Defense): I  love the way Laliberte has his head up when he walks the line in the Ozone and has the ability to find sticks away from the net for tips. Left shot D that tends to play the right side. Good use of the Mohawks in puck protection. He showed nice DZone faceoff intensity by getting off the wall to help win the draw.  He skates well with the puck,  makes nice outlet passes and then follows it up to be another attacker moving forward.

Carlos Penner (Defense):  Penner is a wrecking ball!!  Everything he does is at speed.  He attacks loose pucks and opposing players.

Jaedys Dancyt (Forward):  Dancyt impressed me again tonight with his hockey iq. He reads space and flows to it. He needs to work on his crossovers and building speed through the use of them but his work ethic and iq make him stand out.  A Dman gapped up on him quickly just outside the DZone blueline one time and instead of panicking and icing the puck he used a soft chip around the defender and went around the other way to retrieve it, does small things well.

Steele Jowett (Forward):  Jowett brings the same up-tempo play every night. He was winning faceoffs, making contact and posted two points tonight.

Calem Normandeau (Forward):   Normandeau has good size and decent skills. He needs to work on getting pucks out of his zone along the wall which is such an important skill for wingers and led to a goal against tonight but he uses his big frame well in protection and chipped in with a goal and assist.



Tyson Sperber (Forward):  I love the way Sperber catches the puck while crossing over and taking himself away from a defender. On more than one occasion, he beat the defender wide with speed and created a couple of solid scoring chances for himself.  He is undersized, but was able to beat defenders when attacking down either side of the ice.

Ethan Cull (Forward): Cull is another undersized forward who skates well and has a high work rate.

Evan Gradt (Forward): Although Gradt didn’t wind up on the score sheet tonight he showed some high level skill like a deep shoulder fake when attacking one on one. He is average sized and decent skater with average edge control.  He is the Monarchs highest returning scorer from last year and showed glimpses of that.  Keeps his head up and makes nice decisions about when to shoot or pass.

Aaron Krestanowich (Defense): I thought Krestanowich got better as the game went on.  Big defender who can skate and makes nice, hard passes.  I really liked his play in his own end, good active stick and extremely physical, strong enough to move players off the puck frequently.

Leyton Medwick (Goal): Medwick was strong between the pipes staying square to the shooter and moving well. He fought through traffic and remained calm, didn’t seem to get flustered by rebound opportunities.

Brock Assailly (Defense): Assailly plays a simple game from the back end.  Defends well and breaks out pucks.  His best attribute tonight was his communication with teammates whether letting his D partner know if there was pressure or directing backcheckers which man to pick up.

Tyson Wilson and Carter Bibeau (Defense): I’m mentioning these two together because as D partners, I thought they complimented each other very well tonight.  Wilson is a little bigger and more physical in his own zone but Bibeau is a good size as well.  Both play simple games and do the things you want of your defensemen right down to Bibeau blocking shots in the 3rdperiod.