Winnipeg Sharks’s vs Interlake Lightning October 22, 2020

Winnipeg Shark’s vs. Interlake Lightning

WU15AAA Regular Season

October 22, 2020


Winnipeg Sharks (live: 2)

#35 Jacob Armstrong – Goalie

Strengths – tracks puck well; covers posts well; aware of where he is in the net;

Improvement – rebound placement; check where players are; glove side;

Armstrong has a good game, stopping 21 of 23 shots. Both goals came on his low glove. One off a poor placed rebound, the second short side low glove. He was poised in the third when Interlake pressed in the third and shut the door. I liked how he checked to see if guys were in front of the net or in the slot when the play was in the corner. He was aggressive in getting people out of his way to track the puck.

#4 Brycen Gair – Center

Strengths – fundamentally sound skater with good edge work; scanning the ice for passing opportunities and open ice to skate into; puck skills and gets pucks to the net and danger areas; quick shot;

Improvements – separation speed; chases the play in the defensive zone and defense coverage;

Gair was solid for most of the night. He showed off his vision by getting the puck into the slot on multiple occasions. I liked his edge work and puck protection along the boards to hold on to the puck. He will cut to the net and for a scoring opportunity. He didn’t play much on the PK, only at the end of it. Needs to clean up is defensive play, learn where to go and the right time to attack the puck carrier. Still early in the season, so him and the other 4 guys needs to clean up their transition game in the defensive zone. Too many times they couldn’t transition out of the zone cleanly or as a unit.

#10 Christopher Hermann – LHD

Strengths – good edge work; simple transition plays; straight-line speed but always tried to skate past the defense instead of looking for a passing opportunity;

Improvements – bad penalties; emotions got the best of him causing him to chase hits, get out of position and lead to extended defensive zone time;

Hermann has some good straight-line speed with some good edge work and knows how to skate along the blue line with the puck looking for the open shooting lane or passing lane. He’s aggressive in trying to keep the play alive but would do well to look before he skates at the puck carrier so he doesn’t get caught deep forcing him to chase the play. While see him being aggressive with carrying the puck was good, he got over aggressive in the physical play and took a couple bad penalties and show his frustration in the box with some stick slamming and carried that frustration back onto the ice and to the bench.

#12 Cody Allen – LHD (injured in the 1st)

Strengths – skating with speed and using lateral deception along the blue line; keeps his head up and has good skating posture; good shot from the point and skates into open ice;

Improvement – got injured by not reading the gap well enough and tried skating through the check instead of dumping the puck deep or passing it.

While Allen’s game was cut short due to an injury, he showed off his skating ability with the puck and his puck handling skills along the blue line. He shook a guy off at the blue line and skated into some open ice and got a good shot on net. He uses the open ice he is given well by shooting or drawing players near him to pass the puck off. He reads the defense zone coverage well, knows where to be and joins the rush.

#16 Nick Giasson (LW/C)

Strengths – puck skills in open ice but his small area game needs work; skating is good but shoulders looked a bit far ahead while carrying the puck; hold on to the puck well along the perimeter; hard quick shot;

Improvements – defensive zone awareness; shift-by-shift consistency;

Giasson showed that he has the ability to be a top end player in this league, but needs to do it every shift. He would help out the defense as the first guy back, but would glide in and not take the guy or try to steal the puck. When in open ice he looked like he could control the game, he made some nice neutral zone passes in transition and made some excellent reads to get the puck into the slot. His small area game needs some work. He held on to the puck too long and would lose it. It’s early and he looks like he is still trying to find some chemistry with his line.


Interlake Lightning (Live: 1)

#1 Alex Myers – Goalie

Strengths – tracked the puck well but needs to check to see where guys are; size and quickness in the crease; challenged players but got caught been too deep at times;

Improvements – blocker side and not squaring up to the shooters in the slot; post coverage;

Myers had a good game and was busy throughout the night. He finished the game with 49 saves and 4 goals against. 1 breakaway goal against and 3 in close where he either lost track of the puck or wasn’t square to the shooter. I like his size and keep his team in the game. Made a couple nice glove saves and played the puck well by getting it into the neutral zone on tape.

#9 Hayden Kazorowski (forward)

Strengths – puck always directed to the net; he would go to the net if he didn’t have the puck and create chaos; solid skater just not quick or fast;

Improvements – hit for the sake of hitting; missed passes and didn’t handle the hard passes well;

Kazorowski had an okay game. He caused the Sharks grief by keeping the puck in their zone by winning board battles and just putting the puck on net. When he wasn’t chasing the puck he was in front of the net taking away the goalies sight lines and battling with the defensemen. Adding some lower body strength will help him keep upright as he was knocked of the puck but he would go and chase the puck down and force the player to make a play

#16 Blake Forthing (RW)

Strengths – Straight-line speed but lacks puck control at that speed; puck hound but would lose the puck or get hit off of it with ease;

Improvements – Puck skill; strength; needs some poise and patience’s with the puck;

Forthing is a fast straight-line skater, who needs his puck skills and hand to catch up to his feet. He would loose the puck easily and plays sometime died on his stick. He needs to add strength as he is a smaller player (he will grow yet) but needs both upper and lower body strengths to improve his shot, his passing and sturdiness on his skates so he wont get knock off of it so easily.

#19 Kalder McPherson (center)

Strengths – Head up plays, always looking and checking his surroundings; aggressive in hounding the puck but would over skate the puck and take him self out of the play; he was effective at winning board battles and getting the puck from the perimeter to the slot; straight line speed, edges needs cleaning up

Improvements – chases the puck and the play instead if reading the play; quicker in puck decisions especially in transition;

McPherson always was noticed when he was on the ice. He has a great stick in the defensive zone, taking away passing lanes and breaking up plays. Along the boards he usually came out on top with the puck and got the puck to the net or the slot, I would like to see him hold the puck longer or try and cut into the slot. He was good at sucking 1 player towards him but wasn’t patient enough to get the second close enough to open up the guy in the slot of pass it back to the blue line cleanly.