Yellowhead Chiefs @ Winnipeg Warriors – U15AAA Winnipeg – Oct 24, 020

Yellowhead Chiefs vs Winnipeg Warriors

Winnipeg AAA U15 League 

Saturday Oct 24, 2020

Notre Dame Arena

Winnipeg Warriors: (5)

#8 Jonas Woo (Right Hand Defense): This high energy defenseman had a solid game. Nice first passes. Uses edges to shuck off defenders, evades fore checkers and puck protects well. He is always directing traffic out there, especially on pk formation. Played good position and used his partners well. Was physical and had some nice rushes up ice. Had assist off a nice point shot. 

#4 Hayden Moore (Forward): Skill guy with a high work rate. Generates a lot of offense with his work ethic, hard fore check and puck pursuit pressure. Was good on wall on pp and walked off that wall for scoring opportunities, he scored a squeaker through Yellowhead goalie on PP. On this afternoon’s game his passing and play making was on full display.

#7 Tyler Bernier (Center/wing): Solid 2 way player who showed a good defensive center last game I watched but today they had him on right wing. He seemed to generate more offense from wing instead of playing more defensive roll. He had some nice rushes and got an assist on one with nice backhand to slot from below goal line. He showed some nice puck skills. Was still really good on three pk’s and showed his speed with nice back checking.

#2 Evan Lambert (Defense): Mostly a stay at home defenseman who can complement any pairing. He had real good gap today. Showed a good concept of when to pinch with support. He used good skating and evasion moves to dodge attackers and made nice passes after those moves. Showed a couple nice stretch passes in this game offensively.

# 11 Jaxson Fillion (Forward): Had it going in this game compared to last viewing. I was impressed with his overall game. He is willing to play both sides of the puck. He showed good net drive and that payed off for him and his team in offense with a goal and assist. 

Yellowhead Chiefs: (4) 

#24 Rowin Richmond (Forward): Was an active forward and all around puck on this day. He showed a good work ethic and offensive instincts. Good board play and offensive cycle with line mates to create a goal and assist. Was aggressive hounding pucks. Had a blocked shot and was good in own end also.

#6 Rylan Bray (Defense): The Captain of Yellowhead is a stay at home defenseman.. Was good in all three zones. Had good outlets and really good passing today. Solid positional play and never seems to get caught. Would like to see him use his large frame to play more physical. A calming influence for his coach on the ice.

#11 Max Collyer (Forward): Power forward and had lot of puck touches, puck seems to follow him. Lots of good back checks. Was standout on two important pk’s for his team. Uses size and speed to get on offensive cycle and really good board play winning many battles. Helped offensively with an assist.

#16 Dru Mushumanski (Forward): Highly skilled and fast skating forward. Offensive minded, had a goal in this game but showed defensive awareness today that I thought was missing on my first view of this player. He back checked hard and was good on couple pk’s also. Nice to see a well-rounded game from this player. Will continue to view and watch his development as season progresses. A good showing vs a tough opponent like Warriors bodes well.