Winnipeg Warriors vs Winnipeg Monarchs – Oct.28/20

Winnipeg Monarchs at Winnipeg Warriors

WU15AAA Regular Season

October 28/20 (Viewed on Periscope)



Winnipeg Warriors:


Jonas Woo (Defense):  Woo has always been a good player.  I thought he improved last year over the season before and really impressed at the all star game.  Watching him tonight, I believe he’s continued to trend in the right direction.  First shift of the game he kept a puck in at the line that he should never have been able to, corralled it and beat the winger off the wall with a nice fake.  Later in the game he aggressively attacked a loose puck in the neutral zone to the opposite side of the ice with confidence and poise.  He goes back in retrieval and is so shifty that most forecheckers cannot stay with him.  A couple of times he may have held on to the puck too long but typically made the first guy miss or made the simple head man pass.  His ability to change direction at the opposition blueline will give wingers fits.  Late in the game he rushed the puck showing good skating skill and excellent puck skills in attacking the defenseman’s triangle 1 on 1.  He didn’t stand out as much in the middle frame, but overall a very good performance.

Hayden Moore (Forward): Moore is a little undersized but compensates with his work ethic.  He showed really nice patience with the puck and awareness for where players are around him.  He is strong on his skates and the puck seems to follow him around at times, plays with the puck on his stick a lot.

Evan Lambert (Defense): Lambert is a big aggressive DMan who is confident with the puck and walks the line well.  He shows nice patience with the puck although he may have tried to do too much with it occasionally, choosing not to make the easy outlet pass.

Tyler Bernier (Forward):  Bernier’s skating ability jumped out to me early.  He possesses a great stride, good speed and nice use of his edges and Mohawk turns.  Showed a high hockey iq when he was F3 with his read and react ability and also has a high compete level.  Takes the body on the forecheck and gets his stick in passing lanes.  First viewing makes me think he could develop into a middle six forward at the Western League level.

Luke Wagner (Defense): Wagner moves well for a big guy especially backwards.  He floods to open areas in the Ozone and doesn’t hesitate to pinch down the wall and keep pucks alive.  Although he will project as more of a shutdown defender, the right hand shooting DMan holds the line well.  He gaps up nicely through the neutral zone and seems to play within his limitations, a smart, simple game, moving the puck quickly and following the play.




Winnipeg Monarchs:

Ethan Cull (Forward): Cull brings the same high effort every night.  He skates well and works hard.  He was rewarded with a goal tonight.

Aaron Krestanowich (Defense):  Krestanowich really stood out tonight.  He showed some elusive skating in evading forecheckers and made a great pass that lead to the Monarchs 2nd goal.  He continued to show good edge work throughout and threw a number of big checks that, more importantly, separated the man from the puck.  He showed some nastiness throughout the game and confidence with the puck.  He took some chances (a couple that didn’t work out) but his speed and good use of the stick, took away chances.


  • – Game was viewed on periscope without commentary