Winnipeg Warriors vs Winnipeg Monarchs October 28, 2020

Winnipeg Warriors vs. Winnipeg Monarchs

WU15AAA Regular Season

October 28, 2020

Winnipeg Warriors (Live: 2)

 #4 Hayden Moore (Center)

Strengths – puck handling in small areas; net presence; good skater, has good edges but needs add separation to make up for small frame; didn’t force plays; puck hound, work ethic and aggressive

Improvements – D-zone awareness and positioning; transitioning from DZ to NZ; skating speed;

Moore is a player who will hound the puck and make you work to keep it. He has good skating ability for a smaller player but needs to work on his speed and separation. That will open up the game more for him so he looks like he isn’t chasing the play. In the OZ he often went to the net looking to create chaos and pull the defensemen in to create space for his team. He had some nice puck tips and used hits to separate players from the puck to gain control of it.

#6 Nathan Brown (LW)

Strengths – Uses size well as leverage for puck separation; work ethic and aggression; good hands in small spaces; skates well and has quickness to it; body posture was solid but needs to take his game to the next level;

Improvements – find another level to his game especially in offense; call for the puck; backhand to fore hand; lead the play not chase it;

Brown was always doing something when he was on the ice and he was noticeable but he never seemed to create any offense. He was very good at complementing his line with good defensive awareness and positioning, covering the blue line and driving the net. But he never really had the puck. When he did he showed off some skill around the net, a quick heavy shot and hard crisp passes. If he can find another level to his game where he increases his puck touches and can create some more space for himself, he will be a player to watch later on this year.

#7 Tyler Bernier (RW)

Strengths – Straight line speed and uses cross over’s to get there quickly; defensive awareness and works hard in the DZ; cuts to the middle of the ice and looks to create there over the perimeter; worker;

Improvement – board play in the DZ, back hand to fore hand, to transition out; perimeter play in the DZ (plays more C role in the DZ over W)

Bernier had another game where you could see the defensive awareness and the drive to get back to the DZ. He understands how to play the middle of the ice in the DZ but struggled when he had to play along the boards and transition out. Needs to be more aware of the opposing defense coming to him. He was used on the PK unit where he kept everything to the outside and broke up the passing lanes. When he has the puck he scanning the ice for a pass. Need a little less dump and chase and more carrying the puck in the OZ. When he carries the puck in, he cuts to the middle to create a scoring chance. He uses the defense in creating offense then drives the net. He is a solid skater and uses his speed and quickness to chase down pucks.

#8 Jonas Woo (RHD)

Strengths- Skating, edges, speed/direction deception; great 3 zone rush transition player; NZ gap control but would like to see the gap close at the blue line not at the hash marks; head up play maker; shot from blue line gets to the net; Leadership/character (captain)

Improvement – Gap control in DZ; stick checks – leans too much into it; back checking

Woo had another impressive game where he controlled the pace of play when he was on the ice in all 3 zones. He is a great skater who uses fast changing edge work to get away from on coming players and create space at the blue line to get his shot off. He used 3 types of shots. A low slap shot, looking for a rebound; wrist going top corner; and quick snap just to get it to the net. He will need to work on his puck placement of his shot. Half of his shots when to high or missed the net. He is a great rusher of the puck as well. Woo existed the OZ by rushing 4 out of 6 times. When he passed the puck he looked to skate up and receive the pass back. He only rushed into the OZ. I would like to see more urgency in his back check. He was caught deep and glided back multiple times.

#15 Baron Baker (LHD)

Strengths – good gap control and positioning but lost the puck after he gained possession; creates OZ chances; solid skater with some speed; supported his partner;

Improvements – not to lose the puck after a defensive play; use the DZ space given instead of forcing a play;

Baker is a good two-way defensemen who is good in the DZ with positioning and using his size to get offensive player out of position. He struggled to transition the puck when he passed it off. He was more efficient at skating it out and using the NZ pass to advance the puck. He was good at holding the puck in the OZ with an active stick and getting it back deep to the open player. He there was an opportunity to skate to the net he would and take a shot. His gap control and positioning is good but after he broke the play and gained the puck he would lose it. Some of that is the lack of support from his team. Other times he wouldn’t create the space between the puck and the offensive player, letting him stick check the puck away from baker.


Winnipeg Monarchs (Live: 2)

 #4 Aaron Krestanowich (RHD)

Strengths – gap control in the NZ to DZ but within the DZ his body as facing the player and not the middle; great skater with speed; scans the ice;

Improvement – body position in DZ gap; forcing plays that aren’t there;

Krestanowich had a good game and had his work cut out for him today as the Warriors controlled much of the game. He was good in his reads and gap control but was caught with his body facing the player and not the middle where he lost leverage. He was more successful in rush the puck out of the DZ than passing it. And used the open ice well in getting the puck to the OZ. He had to create more by himself because there wasn’t much support for him, so lots of plays he would create died.

#11 Benjamin McLean (RW)

Strengths – Straight line speed; vision in creating chances in the OZ; shots got to the net

Improvement – chasing the play; board play awareness when transitioning;

McLean used his speed to gain the zone and would look at creating chances but just getting the puck to the net. He had trouble creating space for himself due to the suffocating DZ play of the warriors. McLean was good in supporting the defense and when he wasn’t along the boards in the DZ he was good at getting passes at speed and moving the puck out. His shot got through traffic, and he used his patience to help with that.

#19 Tyson Sperber – (Center)

Strengths – positioning in the DZ and OZ but lacks the lower body strength to hold the puck; quick skater but not a strong skater;

Improvements – strength;

Sperber is a smaller player who has the skating ability but lacks the lower body strength and quickness to make it a weapon for him. He has the IQ to make the plays and know where he needs to be, as seen in his break away goal. If he can grow and add strength he will be a player to keep an eye on.