Winnipeg Warriors vs Yellowhead Chiefs October 24, 2020

Winnipeg Warriors vs. Yellowhead Chiefs

WU15AAA Regular Season

October 24, 2020

Winnipeg Warriors (Live: 1)

#35 Gavin Pomeroy (Goalie)

Strengths – tracked the puck well; kept his body in front of the play; good movement in the crease, but needs to be quicker going laterally

Improvements – aggressive in moving bodies to see the puck;

Pomeroy made 27 saves on 32 shots. With one goal coming off a crazy bounce where everyone lost sight of it. I want him to check in the slot to see if players are there and to be more aggressive in facing the shooter. He was a little to far in he crease, if he came out a bit he would of stopped at least 1 more goal by taking away a passing lane.

#4 Hayden Moore – (Center)

Strengths – Straight-line speed but is not a quick player; transition; passing;

Improvements – lower and upper body strength

Moore is a center who is efficient at the dot, supports his wingers and defensive players in the defensive zone. He is a good skater but will need to bring it up to the next level with quickness to make up for his smaller frame and create some separation for himself.

#7 Trevor Bernier (Right Wing)

Strengths – defensive awareness; good net front presence; solid skater but not quick; PK, defensive awareness, played as a unit not as an individual;

Improvements – skating speed; transition game/ board play;

Bernier has a solid game and played a very good defensive game. He was in the right position and was active in trying to get keep the players on the outside. Used his stick to break up plays and take away passing lanes during the PK and 5v5. He is a good skater, body position was good, edges were tight and kept up to the play, though he is not fast and will need to improve that. I liked how he kept the puck in an area where it was never too in front of him or losing it in his skates. He controlled the puck very well. He will need to improve his back hand to forehand on the zone exists so he doesn’t turn over the puck quite as much. He skated the puck out well and used head up plays to advance the puck

#8 Jonas Woo (RHD)

Strengths – Leader and character guy (Captain); great skater, in speed, mobility, edges and deception; crisp passer; quick shot; head was up and always checking to see what was around him; great gap control and stick play;

Improvement – gave up scoring opportunities to pass; separation speed;

Woo had a great game and was the best player on the ice. He is a fluid skater who is great on his edges, has a strong stride and can speed up very quickly and slow down with ease. He is very aware of where is team mates are on the ice and looks to move the puck out of the defensive zone quickly. Leadership on the ice were noticeable, was he went to the goalie after he let in a goal, stick tapped his team mates before a face off and was cheering on the bench. I would like to see him shot on his high danger chances and not pass for the “pretty” play. He creates time and space for himself and others using deception with the puck and his skating ability.

Yellowhead Chiefs (Live: 1) *second game of a back to back + travel from Brandon

#6 Ryley Bray (RHD)

Strengths – Uses size and leverage to gain control of the puck; battles along the boards and behind the net; leadership on the ice and bench, talked to players/stick taps; skates well and uses long, quick stride to gain speed, but would needs cross over’s to get to a faster speed quickly; gap control was good just needs to kill more plays between the blue line and hash marks;

Improvements- transition and breakouts; support his d-partner, left net front open sometimes; patience’s with the puck in the offensive zone;

Bray was noticeable on when he was on the ice, always making plays and involved. He was rarely caught not moving and he transitioned the puck well, mostly by passing the puck and not skating it. I would like to see him skate the puck more instead of forcing the pass, which caused some turnovers. He wore the C for the team and was a leader on and off the ice, with talking and stick taps after good and bad plays.

#16 Dru Mushumanski (RW)
Strengths – Speed, both straight line and lateral; vision/IQ with head up plays in both passing and shooting the puck; transition – loves to rush and skate; good at playing the middle of the ice

Improvement – strength –lower/upper got knocked off the puck but didn’t give up on the play; use space given and created to create scoring opportunities

Mushumanski had a great game, and lead Yellowhead offensively. He created multiple scoring opportunities and was directly involved in 3 of the 4 goals. When he cuts to the net, he isn’t always looking to shot, he will pass it off to the open guy, but he uses that cut in to draw everyone to him. He is great at skating the puck out of danger and using his body to protect the puck but he will need to add some strength to his frame. As a smaller guy he has the speed to move past players but still got knocked around a bit.