Delta Green Prep u15 Vs Saint George Prep October 31

Delta Green U15 prep Vs Saint George U15 prep 
League CSSHL PREP U 15

Date October 31 2020

Online Viewing


Delta Green Prep U15:
# 81 Peskett, Logan(Forward): Scoring 4 goals and 7 big hits, Peskett definitely made an impact on this game. This is a player that I think will be getting a lot of attention as the season develops. He is gritty, strong and has a very hard and accurate shot. He is the type of player you hate when you play against him but love having him on your team. Like all players he has some areas he can work on but overall Logan will be sought after by teams in the 2021 WHL draft.

Saint George  Prep U15
# 18 Hiroki  Gojsic (Forward): Playing on the second line, Hiroki gives the that punch that Saints want from a power forward. At 6’1ft and 165 pounds he demands and controls space on the ice. It’s one thing to be a powerful skater with a quick acceleration but what sets him apart is his control of the puck and his ability keep possession. Hiroki scored 6 goals and lead his team to a victory. Not playing in the Csshl last has caused many ranking to not have ranked high enough. I am convinced that Gojsic will be an early round draft pick in the WHL 2021 draft

Worth a mention with outstanding performances:

From Delta : Forward: Gavin Garland, Cayden Lindstrom,

From Saints: Forward :Miguel Marques, Defence: Shawn Minhas