Game Report: Saskatoon Generals vs North East Wolfpack

 November 7th, 2020

North East Wolfpack vs Saskatoon Generals

#23 Logan Pickford(F)-Pickford got better and better as the game went on. Had some good rushes early on driving wide generating some scoring chances. Was good at distributing the puck to his teammates and making quick decisions with the puck especially on breakouts. Had a nose for the net and it payed off with 2 nice net front goals. Worked hard in all zones and was always pressuring his opponents.

#14 Tanner Clezy(F)-Clezy was a very hard working kid who always gave his all shift in shift out. Was willing to do whatever was needed whether it was blocking shots, taking hits to make a play or driving the crease. Had some good scoring opportunities and got some good shots off but couldn’t quite find the back of the net. Even if he doesn’t find the score sheet he’s a positive impact type of player.

#20 Beck Humber(D)-Humber was very effective at moving the puck through the game. Usually made the simple smart breakouts but a couple times got aggressive and made some risky but effective rushes up the ice. Uses his size well boxing players out of the crease or protecting the puck. Has a long reach with his stick to keep attackers wide. Got meaner as the game went on and was more physical in the 3rdespecially. Got called for a penalty but it was a beautiful hit, called for being big essentially.

#7 Rowan Guest(D)-Guest didn’t play a flashy game but was effective. Made the smart passes on breakouts and identified where to move the puck quickly most of the time. Did a good job knowing when to pinch in and when to back off. Was very sound in his own end shutting down attacking players and getting in the shooting lanes. Used his skating to not get beat wide and had a active stick to prevent players from going inside on him.

#30 Riley Deck(G)-Deck did a good job with his positioning all game and never lost his net. Recovered quickly after moving cross crease and getting set to the shooter. Wasn’t tested consistently through the entire game but did a good job keeping his head in it and stepping up when needed. Has pretty quick movement and controls rebounds well. Stepped up big late in the 3rd and shut the door when the Wolfpack were pushing for the tying goal.

#5 Raiden Zacharius(F)-When he was on his game Zacharius was very dangerous and did a good job creating chances for both himself and teammates. Has a very dangerous shot and hit the post on a great release. When he wanted to played a good 200 foot game and made it tough on his opponents to generate much. Needs to play more consistently though as with how talented he is he should stand out whenever he’s on the ice instead of having to look for him for large chunks of periods. Did get better as the game went on which is positive.

#9 Tarin Smith(D)-Smith was very good at moving the puck all game with crisp accurate passes or using his high end skating ability to rush the puck up ice. While being aggressive jumping up into the play he was very smart picking his spots. Was good at walking the line finding shooting lanes and getting pucks on net. Has a quick release on his shot with power behind it and accurate. Very tough to generate offense against as he is tough to beat wide with his skating ability and while not super physical yet uses his size well along the boards or net front.

#18 Jaxon Kehrig(F)-Kehrig made smart plays with the puck consistently and moved it well. Attacked the zone with pace at times which gave the opposing dmen troubles when he did and as he develops will hopefully do more. Good skating+size combo and had flashes of skill so someone to keep tabs on going forward for sure.

#15 Riley Carriere(F)-Carriere had good effort throughout the game and was always after the puck. Used his skating to track players down and pester them. Made some smart plays with the puck trying to generate chances for his teammates.

#21 Kale Margolis(F)-As with Kehrig and Carriere, Margolis showed flashes of promise at moments throughout the game. Moved the puck well with his teammates and when he’d carry the puck looked dangerous with it. Did a good job lurking around the net looking for opportunities but opposing goalie did a good job limiting any juicy rebounds.