BWC Prep U15 Vs Saint George Prep U15

BWC Prep U15 Vs Delta Green U15 Prep

League CSSHL PREP U 15 

Date November 6th 2020

Online Viewing


BWC Prep U15:

# 18 Ivanusec, Justin (Forward): One of the most under rated players in Csshl. Justin at 5’11 and 155 pounds is a power forward that drives the net with power and speed. Justin scored 3 goals in this game. He plays hard in the corners and forces turn overs that turn into scoring chances. He is the points leader together with Diego Buttazzoni on a staked with talent BWC team. Both players have 15 points in 6 games. It is important to mention that these points did not come against the weaker teams. Justin should be climbing the rankings with speed and will be picked in the early rounds of the WHL 2021 draft.

Other players that stood out: EJ Emery, Rylan Bonkiwski, Carson Wetsch.