Parkland Rangers vs Brandon Wheat Kings – Nov.7/20


Brandon Wheat Kings at Parkland Rangers

WU15AAA Regular Season

November 7/20 (Viewed on Facebook Live)


Parkland Rangers:

Cash Clarkson (Forward): Clarkson is a big, physical left shot forward who can shoot the puck a ton.  He will need to work on his skating as he progresses up the ladder but he uses his size well in puck protection and engaging physically on the forecheck.  On the power play you could see him trying to float into space to give himself a little extra time to get off his powerful shot.



Brandon Wheat Kings:

Owen Wallace (Defense):  Wallace had another above average game.  He wasn’t as physical as he was the last time I watched him but still managed to separate the opponent from the puck on a couple of occasions.  There were a couple of times that he left the Ozone a little too early which led to some easy clearances for the Rangers but he also had a couple of good rushes showing off some decent skating and puck skills

Cole Slobodian (Defense):  Slobodian is a nice fundamental skater.  He showed off nice edge work, some quick stops and starts and nice front to back transitions.  He plays a patient game and can dictate the pace of the game when he carries the puck.  Made one errant D to D pass in the 3rd that almost led to a Parkland scoring chance, but otherwise was poised throughout the game.

Andre Balcaen (Forward): Balcaen moves pretty well for a bigger guy.  He’s not a pretty skater but showed some good hustle tonight.  He had a nice backcheck early in the game that led to a turnover and was attacking the opposition defensemen with speed whether he was in possession of the puck or not.

Henry Van Vuuren (Defense):I thought Van Vuuren had a good game.  Made some simple breakout passes, moved the puck up the wall when he should and got pucks through to the net in the Ozone.

Cole Temple, Colten Worthington and Ethan Stewart: These three ’07 forwards played as a line for the most part tonight and deserve some attention as they created offensive chances throughout the game ending up with 4 goals and 8 points including a hat trick for Temple.