Game Report: Northeast Wolfpack vs Humboldt Broncos – November 14th, 2020

 November 14th, 2020

North East Wolfpack vs Humboldt Broncos


#9 Tarin Smith(D)-Smith controlled play from opening puck drop and flew up and down the ice all game. Opposing dmen did a good job forcing him wide but he still beat them for high danger scoring chances numerous times. Opposing goalie was on his A game and he hit iron though so didn’t find the back of the net somehow. Used his superb edge work to walk the blue line finding shooting lanes and elude pressure. Made a couple effective spin moves to create space also. Was a little more physical than my previous viewing. Was great defensively with tight gaps and effective stick checks. Wasn’t punishing physically but battled hard net front and in board battles.

#18 Jaxon Kehrig(F)-Kehrig did a good job finding soft spots in the zone leaving him a good passing option for teammates. Attacked the zone with speed often making opposing dmen back off giving him room to shoot or pass. Had a couple nice hits and was tough to knock off the puck. Scored a goal on a quick release with power behind it the goalie didn’t have much of a chance on.

#16 Tegan Kerr(D)-Kerr was effective at moving the puck out of his zone and had a couple nice rushes. Used his skating well to keep tight gaps and while not very physical uses stick checks well. Doesn’t have a very powerful shot but was good at distributing the puck on the PP.

#15 Riley Carriere(F)-Carriere played a physical brand of hockey and imposed himself throughout the game. Battled hard along the boards and gave dmen a lot to handled in front of the net. Was a little inconsistent with the puck but still had some good moments generating offense.


#30 Brady Holtvogt(G)-If there were stars Holtvogt would’ve got the 1st. Kept his team in the game and was the main reason they were able to tie. Had good rebound control and didn’t leave any second chances for the circling Wolfpack forwards. Was great with his positioning and being square to shooters. Moved laterally quickly and cut angles down well. Sealed the posts well as opposing team tried a couple wrap arounds and jam plays.

#14 Evhan Allan(F)-Allan made a lot of smart plays throughout the game. Does a great job of dragging players towards him before finding the open teammate for scoring chances. Played a power game using his size to keep possession and to drive the net. Was really good on the pk using his long reach to deflect shots and intercept passes. Wasn’t quite as physical as previous viewing but still had some nice checks and forechecked hard pressuring opposing dmen.

#18 Thomas Ries(D)-Ries let it rip from the point a lot creating dangerous rebounds and got one past the goalie himself. Played more aggressively tonight being physical and not giving opposing forwards time to think. Engaged attacking players at the blue line not letting them get zone entry. Very effective stick work deflecting shots up high and taking away the passing lanes. Jumped into the play and held the line more aggressively as well.