Warman Wildcats Vs. West Central Wheat Kings Nov. 15th, 2020

Warman Wildcats:

#4 Carsyn Dyck F – Dominated play in the offensive zone. Dyck was the primary puck carrier in the offensive zone and has great vision to set up teammates at will. His slapshot can beat a goalie clean all the way from the blue line with no one in front to distract the goaltender. Defenders struggle to take the puck away from him because of the way he positions his body and uses his agility to make stick checking ineffective. He isn’t the fastest skater but he has a great stride and plays the game very smart, rarely wasting energy when not necessary.

#8 Brock Evans F – Very effective on the powerplay. Evans has a very accurate shot and does a good job getting into the right position to create scoring chances.

#9 Carsten Kayter D – Kayter showed off his puck carrying ability and walked the blue line with the puck looking for a shooting lane like a pro. Excellent agility, making quick cuts.

#17 Albinet Klassen F – Klassen started the game off slow hopefully due to the fact that he did not play in the season opener, but in the second half of the game, he impressed. He put a lot of pressure on the opponents in the neutral zone and took away passing lanes. He was effective in the defensive zone with great positioning and stick checking.

#19 Riley Ashe F – Ashe has silky smooth puck skills, he is able to dance around defenders at will. Mixed with his size and reach he is lethal everywhere in the offensive zone. His skating is good and efficient. His hand-eye coordination is great making a great net-front presence.

#31 Luke Brunen G – Brunen didn’t face many good scoring chances, but he was always in good position and his reaction speed was good. I liked his rebound control and his awareness to cover the puck or clear it when needed. Solid showing for him tonight.


West Central Wheat Kings:

#9 Carter Ralston F – Ralston is a good skater that plays the game very efficiently and has an accurate shot that packs a punch.

#17 Cam Perlinger F – Perlinger was impressive in the defensive end. His positioning was phenomenal especially on the penalty kill and he made it very hard for the Wildcats to complete cross-ice passes. He is a good skater and can provide offense with his vision for the game.