Saskatoon Stallions vs Humboldt Broncos – November 20th, 2020

 November 20th, 2020

Saskatoon Stallions vs Humboldt Broncos


#15 Trae Wilke(LW)-From the opening puck drop Wilke imposed his will on the Broncos. Used his elite skating ability to fly down the wing and either beat defenders wide or used soft hands and agility to cut inside. Found the back of the net a few times with a lethal shot that he gets off both quickly and with a lot of power behind it. Early in the game was physical and back checking hard even with some reverse hits, as the score expanded he understandably eased off a bit. Wilke and McQueen have very good chemistry which will be tough for any team to contain.

#11 Roger McQueen(C)-McQueen was dominant all game long as well. Used his size very effectively protecting the puck as he circled the zone looking for an open teammate. Also used his skating to drive down the wing past defenders and had some good dekes through their feet. Was more of a playmaker to Wilke but had some goals himself with a powerful shot. Was very good in all zones making it tough to create much against when he was on the ice then when he got the puck quickly transitioned it up ice.

#7 Zach Moore(RW)-Moore was flying all night and did a good job retrieving dump ins. Was always moving his feet and made the simple effective plays to get the puck to Wilke or McQueen. Battled hard along the boards winning most of the battles coming out with the puck.

#16 Turner Kraun(D)-Kraun did a good job using his skating to keep attacking players in front of him with tight gaps and an active stick to poke the puck free. Made a couple nice stretch passes and moved the puck up ice quickly consistently.



#18 Thomas Ries(D)-Ries was very aggressive jumping up into the play and rushing the puck up ice. Generated quite a few scoring chances that way and made it tough on the defenders. Had a few hard shots from the point that were either deflected just wide or the goalie made a good save on. Engaged attacking players at his blue line with either a nice hit or accurate and effective stick checks.

#14 Evhan Allan(C)-Allan played his normal possession game making it tough to get the puck from him. Set up teammates in the slot for high danger chances a few times but they couldn’t quite bury them. Looked to pass first most of the time but had a few good shots he got off quickly, one of which beat the goalie. As he gets more experience will hopefully shoot more as he has a great shot.