Keith McInnis

NAME: Keith McInnis

TEAM: Yale Lions (CSSHL)

HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’0, 161 lbs


HAND: Left

November 7th, 2020 vs St George’s: Keith McInnis showed his strength early knocking down a St George’s forward with ease early on. He’s a powerful player in all aspects with his big frame, strong legs and a good grip on his stick. With all of that, it’s difficult for opponents to dispossession him of the puck. That allows him to be the level headed and poised defenceman that he is. McInnis did have one bad turnover in the first period; however, he consistently cleared the puck out of danger and made the right play aside from that mistake. I would’ve like to have seen him be a bit more creative with the puck. He has the ability with his feet to be a real danger for the opposition, but we didn’t see that once through 60 minutes. – Liam Horrobin

October 17th, 2020: The best player in this game. Keith stood out above the rest and it was easy to see why is ranked nr.3 in current WHL Draft. He is strong and physical with a heavy shot and a lot of determination. I was so impressed by this player. His decision making was remarkable and he made sure that the forwards from Saints knew when he was on the ice. Keith will be one of the top picks in this year WHL draft. – Andreas Georgiadis