Jordan Gavin

NAME: Jordan Gavin

TEAM: St George’s (CSSHL)

HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’11, 161 lbs


HAND: Left

November 7th, 2020 vs St George’s: My biggest take away from Gavin is his ability to find the puck and score. He scored five goals in this game. He was barely involved in the play for most of them until he scored, which isn’t a bad thing—Gavin times his opportunities to near perfection, which displays a high hockey IQ and situational awareness. I found Gavin to be more effective in that role rather than with the puck on his stick. You can see he has good playmaking abilities, but I’d prefer him to be a shooter rather than a passer. Gavin doesn’t shy away from contact either. He gets into his opponent around the boards and is a ruthless penalty killer. He’s a hunter for the puck too and gives the opposition little time before he’s trying to steal it away. Overall, the most enjoyable game I’ve watched from a prospect this season. – Liam Horrobin

October 25th, 2020:  With the hat trick and an assist against the best team in the CSSHL Gavin played an exceptional game on Sunday. The line he played on combined for 5 goals out of the 7. What makes Gavin so good? Well, he has the complete game: speed, strength, skill, poise, compete, skating and right now great linemates. If he keeps giving us the performance he gave on Sunday, Gavin will be in the top overall picks in the WHL Draft 2021 – Andreas Georgiadis

October 17th, 2020: Jordan Gavin will probably one of the most-watched players this year in the CSSHL. Being to top 06 scorers last year in the prep division. Gavin played on the first line with Louie Sim and Hirocki Gojsic. Jordan scored a great goal from a turn over created by Miguel Marques. Jordan is a smooth and technical skater that has a strong sense for scoring goals. Saint, however, struggled with finding chemistry, but we know this will change as the players develop as a team – Andreas Georgiadis