Charlie Elick

NAME: Charlie Elick

TEAM: Edge School (CSSHL)

HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’2, 170 lbs


HAND: Right

August 4th, 2021 @ Team Alberta Tryouts: Elick’s transition play is elite and the best I’ve seen from a defenceman in this class. He pushes the pace of play and gets the puck moving the down ice quickly. Elick creates space for himself with his footwork and generates a lot of chances from the blueline. Defensively, he was much better than previous viewings. Much more structured and stopped guys from coming down the boards more often. One thing that needs improving is his passing accuracy. He had many stray passes throughout the game. Overall, his game is becoming more structured each viewing. – Liam Horrobin

July 19th, 2021 @ Prime Expo Hockey: Typical Elick at the Prime Expo in Calgary. He was fearless with the puck launching attack after attack. He makes countless clean zone entries at high speeds. He has a big frame which helps him protect the puck. Again, defensively he struggles to stop his opponents down the boards. He also has a physical side to him and loves to throw a big hit. However, it can also be a burden on his game as it can drag him out of position when he misses. – Liam Horrobin

November 6th, 2020 vs NAX: If there’s one thing that’s for sure about Charlie Elick’s game, it’s his ability with his feet. He really pushes the pace of play with his skating and breezes by everyone with ease. I haven’t seen that from many of the defensemen in this year’s class. He’s quick on his edges, giving himself that extra second of advantage time to make his next move. You could see throughout this game he wanted to bring a physical presence. Elick had a couple of chances to take down his man in big open-ice collisions but didn’t connect. Defensively, his opponents weren’t afraid to challenge him after being beaten down the boards a few times fairly easily. He was caught off guard a few times in his zone. One time was when Tristian Doyle beat him to an iced puck which Elick became a little too casual on. His ability going forward is at an unbelievable level. Personally, the best I’ve watched from a blueliner in this class. However, defensively there’s work to be done. I am excited to see how he develops. – Liam Horrobin