Tristen Doyle

NAME: Tristen Doyle


HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’8, 161 lbs


HAND: Right

November 6th, 2020 vs Edge: He wants to be an offensive threat. That was my biggest take from Tristen Doyle. He wants to have the puck in the offensive zone and be in action. Which is great, but a couple of times he jumped the gun a little too early before taking care of his defensive responsibilities. However, due to his great speed, he can recover quickly and get back into position. There was a play in the first period where he was defending a 2-on-1. He played it well, forcing the pass over and then closed the gap quickly to break up the attack. Another time his speed came in hand was in the first period when he caught Edge napping and prevented an icing call. That speed continued to shine in the offensive zone too. Whenever he had the puck, he really pushed the pace of play and drove the offence. He’s got good anticipation too which helps keep the play alive. Doyle sometimes doesn’t opt for the easy play, but I think that might also be because he’s so offensively minded and wants to get the puck down the ice. – Liam Horrobin