Connor Frost

NAME: Connor Frost

TEAM: Southern Alberta Hockey Academy (CSSHL)

HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’0, 163 lbs


HAND: Left

July 19th, 2020 @ Play Hockey Showcase: Connor Frost is a two-way defenceman with excellent mobility. He loves to push the pace of play and generate attacks in transition. He gains tons of speed quickly and is hard to stop. Everything about him is quick – hands, feet, and mind. Defensively, he steals the puck a lot and can throw his body around. One negative I found with him was his shift lengths. He does have good stamina but should probably go to the bench sooner. He got caught out due to that a couple of times.

August 4th, 2020 @ Team Alberta tryouts: Frost didn’t perform as well offensively like he did at the Play Hockey Showcase in Calgary. He fumbled the puck a lot more, didn’t transition the puck down the ice very well, and was strippled more often. Instead, we saw more of his defensive game. He was really tough to beat in all situations, had a good active stick, and chances against were very limited. Overall, much better defensively than previous showings. Skating is still at a high level.