Roger McQueen

NAME: Roger McQueen TEAM: Saskatoon Stallions (SAAHL U15) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’10 126lbs POSITION: Forward HAND: Right October 24th, 2020 vs Saskatoon Generals – McQueen is a Two-Way Center who shines everywhere on the ice. In the defensive zone, McQueen has great positioning and is not afraid to play a physical game if he has to. In the offensive zone, he is always involved in the play. He has good speed and great footwork especially for … Read more

Raiden Zacharias

NAME: Raiden Zacharias TEAM: Saskatoon Generals (SAAHL U15) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’7 157lbs POSITION: Forward HAND: Right November 15th, 2020 vs Prince Albert Pirates – Has a quick release and nice hard shot.  Showed good accuracy in scoring the first goal in tight to the goal and could’ve had a chance at a 2nd in the opening frame if he drove the net.  He doesn’t seem as interested when he’s away from the puck, but shows good … Read more

Tarin Smith

NAME: Tarin Smith TEAM: Northeast Wolfpack (SAAHL U15) HEIGHT/WEIGHT:  POSITION: Defense HAND: Left   November 14th vs Humboldt Broncos – Tarin was flying the entire game. He has so much speed and his puck control makes him a threat to score every shift. He isn’t afraid to carry the puck as much and march down the ice. When he is sitting on the blue line he does a great job cycling the puck around. … Read more

Aaron Krestanowich

NAME: Aaron Krestanowich TEAM: Winnipeg Monarchs(MBAAA) HEIGHT/WEIGHT:  POSITION: Defense HAND: October 20th vs Eastman Selects – Krestanowich is a fluid RHD who is effective in both the defensive and offensive zones. He uses his hockey IQ to make simple plays to get the puck out of the zone either by pass or off the glass. I would like to see him carry the puck out of the zone and lead the rush instead of … Read more

Avery Laliberte

NAME: Easton Gaffrey TEAM: Eastman Selects (MBAAA) HEIGHT/WEIGHT:  POSITION: Defense HAND: October 23rd vs Winnipeg Monarchs –  I  love the way Laliberte has his head up when he walks the line in the Ozone and has the ability to find sticks away from the net for tips. Left shot D that tends to play the right side. Good use of the Mohawks in puck protection. He showed nice DZone faceoff intensity by getting … Read more

Easton Gaffrey

NAME: Easton Gaffrey TEAM: Eastman Selects (MBAAA) HEIGHT/WEIGHT:  POSITION: Forward HAND:   October 20th vs Winnipeg Monarchs – Gaffrey had a solid game where he showed off his shot and lead the charge to the team tying the game. He has great awareness on where he needs to be on the ice especially defensively. He plays the role of C in the defensive zone, and wonder if he would make a better C instead … Read more

Carlos Penner

NAME: Carlos Penner TEAM: Eastman Selects (MBAAA) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’9 141lbs POSITION: Defense HAND: Right October 20th vs Winnipeg Monarchs – Another solid game for Penner, as he showed his one touch pass, and offensive instincts to keep the play alive. He has a great shot from the blue line. Knowing what shot to take –slap, snap, height of shot, looking for tip- would be another tool to add and keep the goalie guessing instead of … Read more

Brycen Gair

NAME: Brycen Gair TEAM: Winnipeg Sharks (MBAAA) HEIGHT/WEIGHT:  POSITION: Forward HAND: Left October 16th vs Eastman Selects – Gair has really high end puck skills and shooting ability that came through today as he and Giasson were two players who really controlled the play in the offensive zone through out the night. I really liked how he used the perimeter and made pace for himself but using his feet and puck handling ability to … Read more

Carter Bear

NAME: Carter Bear TEAM: Winnipeg Hawks ( MBAAA) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: POSITION: Forward HAND:   October 10th vs Winnipeg Warriors – A high skill player, with very nice hands, deceptive with no look passes and quick body movement and fakes with his stick handling. He played a 200 ft game but the offensive zone was his place to really shine. He finds open ice well and was dynamic on the PP. (Chris Boles)  

Jonas Woo

NAME: Jonas Woo TEAM: Winnipeg Warriors (MBAAA) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: POSITION: Defense HAND: Right October 10th vs Winnipeg Hawks – Captain everything for the Warriors. Very aware of surroundings and possesses a high IQ. A patient player who plays a head up game and is always in a good position it seemed on both sides of the puck. He controls the game and uses body well to separate players from puck and when he has the puck … Read more