Don’t Sleep On Noel Gunler

  The annual Hlinka-Gretzky Cup has recently concluded, and like every year, the world of hockey prospects is up to the brim with recency bias. Players like Cole Perfetti and Hendrix Lapierre, who performed incredibly well, are flying up draft boards while those who struggled or didn’t attend are overshadowed. Noel Gunler, who was ineligible for the tournament, falls in the latter category. It’s assumed that Gunler would have been team … Read more

Breaking down Lucas Raymond’s multidimensional offensive game

  Alexis Lafrenière is currently the easy number one as the 2020 class gets a little more wide open afterwards. I can see a pair of prospect in the #2 spot at this point— Quinton Byfield— a 6’4” dual-threat centre for the Sudbury Wolves— and Lucas Raymond— a electrifying winger with an elite combination of skating ability and skill on the puck. The top pick in the 2018 OHL Draft, … Read more

How does Alexis Lafrenière stack up to other top prospects?

  I’m always cautious to bestow the term “generational” on a prospect. For my money, there are only two current NHL players who deserve the tag: Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid. Lafrenière isn’t on that level, but the Quebec-born winger isn’t far off. The list of Lafrenière’s career accomplishments is not short. The first overall pick in the 2017 QMJHL Entry Draft, Lafrenière quickly made an impact for the Rimouski … Read more

2019 NHL Mock Draft

For the first time ever, the St. Louis Blues are Stanley Cup Champions. Congratulations to the Blues organization on a fantastic season and a well-earned Cup. Now that hockey is finally over, we can finally direct our undivided and unwavering attention to what really matters— the 2019 NHL Entry Draft. The draft is now less than 10 days away, so I’d like to present my final mock draft for 2019. … Read more

Breaking Down Thomas Harley’s Terrific Upside From The Blueline

  With the NHL’s adaptation to a quicker style of game, the importance of strong transitional play has skyrocketed. The purely one-dimensional defencemen stay at home defenceman has been more or less eradicated from the league, with keener offensive players who can start the breakout take their spots on the roster. Nowadays, the ideal NHL defenceman is quick, smart, and mobile. They can advance the puck up ice through intelligent … Read more

Comparing Alex Turcotte and Trevor Zegras

Jack Hughes is the top centre out of the USNTDP — there’s no contest there— but there’s still debate over which player is most deserving of the #2 spot. Alex Turcotte missed much of the first half of the season to a pair of injuries, but it didn’t take him long to establish himself as a potential top 5 pick once he finally got healthy. Turcotte is a dependable two-way … Read more

Breaking Down The WHL Talent Of The 2019 NHL Draft

The crop of players eligible for the NHL Draft out of the Western Hockey League is particularly strong this year, with as many as four WHLers in contention for top 10 picks this year, and another four players in first round contention. For comparison, last year saw just two WHLers drafted in the top 31— none within the top 15 (to be fair though, Ty Smith deserved to go much … Read more

Is Victor Söderström truly as good as some people are suggesting?

  It’s a basic economic principle: the rarer something is, the more value it carries. A dependable right-shot defencemen might be the rarest asset in the sport of hockey; as such, they carry tremendous value. It’s simple supply and demand: Demand for this particular type of player is sky high, but supply,  the amount of right-shot defenders that can actually be relied upon, is in the basement. It’s difficult to … Read more

2019 NHL Mock Draft — March

The trade deadline has passed. Barring a significant trade somewhere between the end of the season and the draft, the owners of the picks are set. Ultimately, the draft lottery, conducted in April, will decide the early draft order, while playoff results will decide the latter part of the first round. For now, the draft order is anybody’s guess, but we can have our first go at projecting the first … Read more

Peyton Krebs won’t be Overlooked

The draft eligible season is one of the most defining periods of a prospect’s career. A good draft season can lead to a high selection at the draft, a lucrative entry level contract, and plenty of opportunity as a player transitions to professional hockey. If things don’t go quite as well, you can find yourself at a disadvantage before your professional career even begins. There’s a lot at stake, so … Read more