Thomas Ries

NAME: Thomas Ries TEAM: Humboldt Broncos (SAAHL U15) HEIGHT/WEIGHT:  POSITION: Defence HAND: November 21st, 2020 vs Saskatoon Stallions: – Ries showed that he was not afraid to jump up and make big plays. He was very smart with his pinches and never second-guessed himself. While he made a pinch he did a great job forechecking. His shot is very heavy and when he shot from the point it looked like he preferred … Read more

Kaden Berry

NAME: Kaden Berry TEAM: Humboldt Broncos (SAAHL U15) HEIGHT/WEIGHT:  POSITION: Forward HAND: October 21st, 2020 vs Saskatoon Stallions: I liked Berry’s game tonight. His hustle was great, never gave up on any plays. He has a great stride for his size. Showed off his hands in the slot and was a spark plug for the Broncos. – Tyler Thode

Kayd Ruedig

NAME: Kayd Ruedig TEAM: Humboldt Broncos (SAAHL U15) HEIGHT/WEIGHT:  POSITION: Defence HAND: October 21st, 2020 vs Saskatoon Stallions: Ruedig’s breakout passes were very good tonight. His vision and play reads were great. Had a couple of hits on him that he shrugged off and rarely got knocked down. made a smart play by taking a penalty to stop a 2 on 0. – Tyler Thode

Trae Wilke

NAME: Trae Wilke TEAM: Saskatoon Stallions (SAAHL U15) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’10, 157 lbs POSITION: Forward HAND: Left October 21st, 2020 vs Humboldt: Wilke has a beautiful shot that can beat a goaltender from anywhere. Every shift he would have at least 2 rushes up the ice that resulted in a high scoring chance. Uses his edge work to cut to the net with ease. One thing he does need to do is control his penalties, as … Read more

Tyson Goguen

NAME: Tyson Goguen TEAM: Saskatoon Stallions (SAAHL U15) HEIGHT/WEIGHT:  POSITION: Forward HAND: Right   October 21st, 2020 vs Humboldt: Goguen has excellent vision and passing. showed off a nice shot in the slot and handled the pressure well. – Tyler Thode

Zach Moore

NAME: Zach Moore TEAM: Saskatoon Stallions (SAAHL U15) HEIGHT/WEIGHT:  5’8, 130 lbs POSITION: Forward HAND: Right October 21st, 2020 vs Humboldt:  Moore is a forward that you can count on to constantly provide full effort on every single play. He positions himself in the right areas to get rebound goals as well as defensively breaking up passes. He has a nose for driving the net and has non stop hustle when it comes to the … Read more

Abinet Klassen

NAME: Abinet Klassen TEAM: Warman Wildcats (SAAHL U15) HEIGHT/WEIGHT:  POSITION: Forward HAND: Left November 21st, 2020 vs Saskatoon Bandits: Klassen made some great defensive plays and was not afraid to block shots. He has a great forecheck using his stick well to disrupt the opponent’s rushes, especially on the penalty kill. He showed a really solid form on his one-timers. – Tyler Thode

Jaxon Herchak

NAME: Jaxon Herchak TEAM: Warman Wildcats (SAAHL U15) HEIGHT/WEIGHT:  POSITION: Defence HAND:  November 21st, 2020 vs Saskatoon Bandits: Herchak walked the blue line well and has a good point shot, often looking for the tip in front. Positioned himself well in all areas of the ice. played a good physical game. – Tyler Thode

Brock Evans

NAME: Brock Evans TEAM: Warman Wildcats (SAAHL U15) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’9, 139 lbs POSITION: Forward HAND: Left November 21st, 2020 vs Saskatoon Bandits: Evans made some great plays tonight. Had a lot of great rushes up the ice and utilized his shot well. Made some excellent breakout passes. avoided pressure well. – Tyler Thode

Cole Peardon

NAME: Cole Peardon TEAM: Saskatoon Bandits (SAAHL U15) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’11, 165 lbs POSITION: Forward HAND: Left November 21st, 2020 vs Warman Wildcats: Peardon Has excellent skating, often blowing past defenders. Consistently drives towards the net and creates high scoring chances. Has high IQ and vision, makes excellent passes. – Tyler Thode