Saskatoon Bandits Vs. Warman Wildcats November 21st, 2020

Saskatoon Bandits: #5 Brady Blackburn D – Blackburn showed off his skating and edgework, often burning opponents who were applying pressure on the forecheck. He showed a lot of hustle throughout the entire game. Good puck skills and was vocal on a lot of plays. #9 Kyle Lardner D – Lardner had a great point shot that had a lot of power behind it. Played a nice physical game. #16 … Read more

Saskatoon Stallions vs Humboldt Broncos – November 20th, 2020

 November 20th, 2020 Saskatoon Stallions vs Humboldt Broncos Stallions #15 Trae Wilke(LW)-From the opening puck drop Wilke imposed his will on the Broncos. Used his elite skating ability to fly down the wing and either beat defenders wide or used soft hands and agility to cut inside. Found the back of the net a few times with a lethal shot that he gets off both quickly and with a lot … Read more

Roger McQueen

NAME: Roger McQueen TEAM: Saskatoon Stallions (SAAHL U15) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’10 126lbs POSITION: Forward HAND: Right October 24th, 2020 vs Saskatoon Generals – McQueen is a Two-Way Center who shines everywhere on the ice. In the defensive zone, McQueen has great positioning and is not afraid to play a physical game if he has to. In the offensive zone, he is always involved in the play. He has good speed and great footwork especially for … Read more

Raiden Zacharias

NAME: Raiden Zacharias TEAM: Saskatoon Generals (SAAHL U15) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’7 157lbs POSITION: Forward HAND: Right November 15th, 2020 vs Prince Albert Pirates – Has a quick release and nice hard shot.  Showed good accuracy in scoring the first goal in tight to the goal and could’ve had a chance at a 2nd in the opening frame if he drove the net.  He doesn’t seem as interested when he’s away from the puck, but shows good … Read more

Tarin Smith

NAME: Tarin Smith TEAM: Northeast Wolfpack (SAAHL U15) HEIGHT/WEIGHT:  POSITION: Defense HAND: Left   November 14th vs Humboldt Broncos – Tarin was flying the entire game. He has so much speed and his puck control makes him a threat to score every shift. He isn’t afraid to carry the puck as much and march down the ice. When he is sitting on the blue line he does a great job cycling the puck around. … Read more

Saskatoon Generals vs Prince Albert Venice House Pirates – Nov.15/20

Prince Albert Venice House Pirates at Saskatoon Generals SAAHL U15AAA Regular Season November 15/20 (Viewed on Online)   Saskatoon Generals: Logan Pickford (Forward):  Pickford really stood out for me in the 1st period.  He used his body well in puck protection, attacked every loose puck and scored a goal.  I was really impressed with his faceoff intensity as he came off the wing to take possession off of two separate … Read more

Humboldt Broncos Vs. Northeast Wolfpack Nov. 14th, 2020

Humboldt Broncos: #9 Ty Dauvin F – Had a very solid game. Was consistently working hard the entire game. Dauvin was excellent while forechecking using it to create a turnover that eventually led to a goal for him. He has good positioning and had great board play. #14 Evhan Allan F – Allan was making solid passes throughout the night. He always seemed to be involved in plays and used his … Read more