Saint George U15 Prep VS Yale U15 Prep 10/17/2020

Saint George U15 Prep VS Yale U15 Prep 10/17/2020 League CSSHL Date October 17, 2020 Online Viewing Saint George’s: # 13 Jordan Gavin (Froward): Jordan Gavin will probably one of the most watched players this year in the CSSHL. Being to top 06 scorer last year in the prep devision. Gavin played on the first line with Louie Sim and Hirocki Gojsic. Jordan scored a great goal from a turn … Read more

Yellowhead Chiefs @ Winnipeg Monarchs – October 18, 2020 Iceplex

Yellowhead Chiefs @ Winnipeg Monarchs – Iceplex Winnipeg U15 AAA October 18, 2020   Monarchs: (2) #1 Leyton Medwick (Goalie): Good size goalie, who won the game for Monarchs. He had good rebound control, challenges to top of crease, square to shooters, moves well and shows good battle. Been well coached with good rebound control to corners and uses voice to communicate well with team. Was big for Monarchs early … Read more

Eastman Selects vs Winnipeg Sharks – Winnipeg U15 AAA League

Eastman Selects vs Winnipeg Sharks @ Landmark, Mb Hockey Winnipeg U15 AAA League October 16, 2020 (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Eastman Selects: (1) #4 Carlos Penner (Defense): Good size, heads up player who uses his partner and teammates well. He opened the scoring of the game with a hard slap shot which found the top corner around traffic after he walked the line to find the open lane. Even … Read more

Brandon Wheat Kings vs Southwest Cougars – October 16th, 2020

  Brandon Wheat Kings vs Southwest Cougars  Oct 16th, 5:00 pm, Enns Arena, Brandon, MB.   Southwest Cougars  Darren Hunt – Defense – Stood out right from puck drop. Smooth skating defencemen with a solid shot. Will take chances and step up into the play. Was not caught out of position when he did so. Quarterbacks Southwest’s power play.  Josh Fluker – Defense – Great ability to read the play. … Read more

Prince Albert vs Humboldt – October 17th, 2020

October 17th, 2020 Exhibition Prince Albert Pirates vs Humboldt Broncos   Prince Albert: PA #19 Ashton Tait-Tait was dominant all game and in every zone. Used his high end skating ability to fly through the neutral zone and attach the blue line with pace. Was effective in both skating wide past defenders or used quick hands to dodge stick checks and go inside. Had numerous goals with a hard shot … Read more

Eastman Selects vs Winnipeg Sharks October 16, 2020

Eastman Selects vs. Winnipeg Sharks WU15AAA Regular Season October 16, 2020   Eastman Selects #9 Avery Laliberte – Defense  Strengthens – Above average straight line speed and good on his edges; good hand-eye coordination; physical, but needs to work on his lower body strength; active offensively Improvements: Keeping his head up; 1v1 puck skills/battle; Laliberte had a solid game, where he was active offensively, jumping into the play with regularity … Read more

Rhyd Semeniuk

NAME: Rhyd Semeniuk TEAM: Fort Saskatchewan Rangers (AEHL U15) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’6, 127 lbs POSITION: Forward HAND: Left October 14th, 2020 vs St Albert Sabres  – It became clear early that Rhyd Semeniuk was one of the most skilled players on the ice tonight. Semeniuk led a rush where he took on a couple of St Albert defenceman before being stopped by the last man. He had a couple of chance like this throughout the game and … Read more

Ismail Abougouche

NAME: Ismail Abougouche TEAM: Fort Saskatchewan Rangers (AEHL U15) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’1, 165 lbs POSITION: Defenceman HAND: Left October 14th, 2020 vs St Albert Sabres – Abougouche is an interesting player to watch. He uses his 6’1, 165 lb frame very effectively separating man from puck fairly often. He’s a puck-moving defenceman who loves to get down the ice and make plays happen. However, that trait is also one of his weakness as he can occasionally … Read more

Brendan McFatridge

NAME: Brendan McFatridge TEAM: Fort Saskatchewan Rangers (AEHL U15) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’10, 165 lbs POSITION: Forward HAND: Right October 14th, 2020 vs St Albert Raiders – McFatridge is a second year 5’10 first line winger for the Rangers. His skating stood out for me the most. He has a wide base and moves down the ice with good speed. McFatridge gets into those dirty areas often battling around the borders or parks himself in front looking … Read more

Connor Schmidt

NAME: Connor Schmidt TEAM: St Albert Sabres (AEHL U15) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’8, 137 lbs POSITION: Defenceman HAND: Right   October 14th, 2020 vs Fort Saskatchewan Rangers –  Connor Schmidt is a fun player to watch. He skates with ease and is difficult to knock off the puck once he gets moving. He loves to carry the puck and did so on many occasions causing problems for the Rangers defenceman. It’s crazy to see that he’s only an 07. … Read more