Cole Peardon

NAME: Cole Peardon TEAM: Saskatoon Bandits (SAAHL U15) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’11, 165 lbs POSITION: Forward HAND: Left November 21st, 2020 vs Warman Wildcats: Peardon Has excellent skating, often blowing past defenders. Consistently drives towards the net and creates high scoring chances. Has high IQ and vision, makes excellent passes. – Tyler Thode

Kyle Lardner

NAME: Kyle Lardner TEAM: Saskatoon Bandits (SAAHL U15) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: POSITION: Defence HAND:  November 21st, 2020 vs Warman Wildcats: Lardner had a great point shot that had a lot of power behind it. Played a nice physical game.

Brady Blackburn

NAME: Brady Blackburn TEAM: Saskatoon Bandits (SAAHL U15) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’8, 141lbs POSITION: Defence HAND: Left November 21st, 2020 vs Warman Wildcats: Blackburn showed off his skating and edgework, often burning opponents who were applying pressure on the forecheck. He showed a lot of hustle throughout the entire game. Good puck skills and was vocal on a lot of plays. – Tyler Thode

Ethan Eskit 

NAME: Ethan Eskit TEAM: Yale Lions (CSSHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’9, 146 lbs POSITION: Goaltender HAND: Left October 17th, 2020: Ethan is a goalie with tremendous potential. He plays with a lot of confidence and the players noticed it. He made a few big saves with his fantastic glove hand. Even though he only faced 30 shots, Ethan is one of the reasons why Yale walked away with the victory. – Andreas Georgiadis

McCarthy Richardson

NAME: McCarthy Richardson TEAM: Yale Lions (CSSHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’11, 154 lbs POSITION: Forward HAND: Left October 17th, 2020: Moving over from Delta White last year to Yale this year must feel great for Mac. Even though last year was a hard year, you can clearly see how Mac developed as a player. He is fast and he has size. Mac had 3 assists in this game because of his great positional play and read off … Read more

Nick Scott

NAME: Nick Scott TEAM: Yale Lions (CSSHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’1, 161 lbs POSITION: Forward HAND: Left October 17th, 2020: Nick Scott comes from Vancouver Island and he made sure that everyone knew that he was on the ice. Nick had about 10 hits and his physical play caused turnovers that turned into breakaways and goals. He had a goal and an assist but stood out as the top forward on the Yale team. Nick is … Read more

Angeo Basson

NAME: Angeo Basson TEAM: St George’s (CSSHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’11, 141 lbs POSITION: Goaltender HAND: Left October 17th, 2020: Angeo is known as one of the top goalies in the 2006 age group. He plays a very strong positional game with a lot of control over rebounds and plays around the net. Angeo is one of the fastest goalies in the net for this age group. Even though he had 6 goals against him, 4 … Read more

Ethan Riml

NAME: Ethan Riml TEAM: St George’s (CSSHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’8, 161 lbs POSITION: Defence HAND: N/A October 17th, 2020: Ethan played on the West Van Varsity team last year and made a move to Saints when West Van closed down. Saint can thank their lucky stars that they picked up this player. Ethan is strong and has a heavy shot. He has a smooth skating style (even though he fell twice that caused a breakaway and … Read more

Charlie Michaud

NAME: Charlie Michaud TEAM: St George’s (CSSHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’10, 154 lbs POSITION: Forward HAND: Right October 17th, 2020: From Colorado USA – Known for being one of the best defensemen on the 06 Vipers team, it was interesting to see Charlie taking on the role of centre on the Saints 3rd line. Charlie had one goal and for me stood out as the best centre in this game. He won 80% of his faceoffs … Read more

Miguel Marques

NAME: Miguel Marques TEAM: St George’s (CSSHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’10, 154 lbs POSITION: Forward HAND: Right October 17th, 2020: Miguel is one of those undiscovered gems. Miguel has speed, incredible vision – and hockey sense. I think his overplay will make him one of the best forwards that we will see in this years WHL draft. Miguel is on the first power-play unit for that reason. Vision for the game and he will be … Read more