Caleb Hadland

Name: Caleb Hadland Team: Red Deer Rebels U15 AAA (AEHL) Height/Weight: 5’9, 155lbs Position: Forward Hand: Left The part that is most special about Caleb’s game is his innate ability to anticipate the play. There are times when he is on the ice that it seems as though he already knows where the puck is going to end up moments before it is even on route to end up there. This allows Caleb to … Read more

Spencer Claerhout

Name: Spencer Claerhout Team: Red Deer Rebels U15 AAA (AEHL) Height/Weight: 5’9, 174bs Position: Defencemen Hand: Left There isn’t a defenceman in this draft class as good as Claerhout at getting pucks on net from the blueline. His release from the point is quick, accurate, and he produces shots at a high volume throughout the game — creating tons of secondary scoring chances for the forwards causing traffic in front of the net. Claerhout also … Read more