Cayden Lindstrom

NAME: Cayden Lindstrom TEAM: Delta Green (CSSHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’1, 168 lbs POSITION: Defence HAND: Left October 31st, 2020: A genuine 6ft, 170 pounds forward that play like a 6’7ft 230 pound forward. Cayden was noticeable just ask the 20 players on the BWC team that he physically abused with his big hits. And yes he also has some skill, scoring twice against the best defence in the CSSHL. Playing on a Line with Gavin … Read more

Gavin Garland

NAME: Gavin Garland TEAM: Delta Green (CSSHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’9, 161 lbs POSITION: Forward HAND: Right October 31st, 2020: The best player in this game and probably right now in my opinion the best 2006 forward in CSSHL. I know it’s only one game but this kid is impressive. His hockey IQ is through the roof and he has the skill to match it. Every time he was on the ice he made the … Read more

Logan Peskett

NAME: Logan Peskett TEAM: Delta Green (CSSHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’1, 181 lbs POSITION: Forward HAND: Left October 31st, 2020: Scoring 4 goals and 7 big hits, Peskett definitely made an impact on this game. This is a player that I think will be getting a lot of attention as the season develops. He is gritty, strong and has a very hard and accurate shot. He is the type of player you hate when you … Read more

Tomas Mrsic

NAME: Tomas Mrsic TEAM: Burnaby Winter Club (CSSHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’8, 132 lbs POSITION: Forward HAND: Left October 25th, 2020: From the 2006 born players in BC, Tomas Mrsic has always been seen as one of the best forwards in this age group and on Sunday, Mrsic again showed us why. He is a playmaker with incredible vision but he also has the finish. The thing that makes him elite, is his compete … Read more

Gabriel Guilbault

NAME: Gabriel Guilbault TEAM: Burnaby Winter Club (CSSHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’0, 161 lbs POSITION: Defence HAND: Right October 17th, 2020: Being awarded the MVP of the varsity division last year, Gabriel has a lot to prove this year. From the get-go it looks like he is ready and up for the challenge. Undoubtedly one of the best skating defensemen out there. He has size and knows when and how to use it, he hits … Read more

Dryden Kuramoto

NAME: Dryden Kuramoto TEAM: Burnaby Winter Club (CSSHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’6, 132 lbs POSITION: Defence HAND: Right October 17th, 2020: He is the best skater in the 2006 born group. His edges, quick turns and ability to go from standing still to full speed is exceptional. Dryden has always played up in age and it is noticeable. Even though he is not the biggest guy on the ice it does not stop him from … Read more

Diego Buttazzoni

NAME: Diego Buttazzoni TEAM: Burnaby Winter Club (CSSHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’8, 159 lbs POSITION: Forward HAND: Left October 17th, 2020: Diego Buttazzoni has speed, skill, strength, determination and plays with an edginess in his game. With two goals and 10 hits, Buttazzoni made his mark on the game. I have no doubt That Diego will be one of the top forwards in this year’s WHL Draft. – Andreas Georgiadis

Justin Ivanusec

NAME: Justin Ivanusec TEAM: Burnaby Winter Club (CSSHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’11, 150 lbs POSITION: Forward HAND: Right November 6th, 2020: One of the most underrated players in CSSHL. Justin at 5’11 and 155 pounds is a power forward that drives the net with power and speed. Justin scored 3 goals in this game. He plays hard in the corners and forces turnovers that turn into scoring chances. He is the points leader together with … Read more

Jordan Gavin

NAME: Jordan Gavin TEAM: St George’s (CSSHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’11, 161 lbs POSITION: Forward HAND: Left November 7th, 2020 vs St George’s: My biggest take away from Gavin is his ability to find the puck and score. He scored five goals in this game. He was barely involved in the play for most of them until he scored, which isn’t a bad thing—Gavin times his opportunities to near perfection, which displays a high hockey IQ … Read more

Keith McInnis

NAME: Keith McInnis TEAM: Yale Lions (CSSHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’0, 161 lbs POSITION: Defence HAND: Left November 7th, 2020 vs St George’s: Keith McInnis showed his strength early knocking down a St George’s forward with ease early on. He’s a powerful player in all aspects with his big frame, strong legs and a good grip on his stick. With all of that, it’s difficult for opponents to dispossession him of the puck. That allows him to … Read more