Winnipeg Warriors vs Winnipeg Monarchs October 28, 2020

Winnipeg Warriors vs. Winnipeg Monarchs WU15AAA Regular Season October 28, 2020 Winnipeg Warriors (Live: 2)  #4 Hayden Moore (Center) Strengths – puck handling in small areas; net presence; good skater, has good edges but needs add separation to make up for small frame; didn’t force plays; puck hound, work ethic and aggressive Improvements – D-zone awareness and positioning; transitioning from DZ to NZ; skating speed; Moore is a player who … Read more

Winnipeg Warriors vs Yellowhead Chiefs October 24, 2020

Winnipeg Warriors vs. Yellowhead Chiefs WU15AAA Regular Season October 24, 2020 Winnipeg Warriors (Live: 1) #35 Gavin Pomeroy (Goalie) Strengths – tracked the puck well; kept his body in front of the play; good movement in the crease, but needs to be quicker going laterally Improvements – aggressive in moving bodies to see the puck; Pomeroy made 27 saves on 32 shots. With one goal coming off a crazy bounce … Read more

Winnipeg Sharks’s vs Interlake Lightning October 22, 2020

Winnipeg Shark’s vs. Interlake Lightning WU15AAA Regular Season October 22, 2020   Winnipeg Sharks (live: 2) #35 Jacob Armstrong – Goalie Strengths – tracks puck well; covers posts well; aware of where he is in the net; Improvement – rebound placement; check where players are; glove side; Armstrong has a good game, stopping 21 of 23 shots. Both goals came on his low glove. One off a poor placed rebound, … Read more

Winnipeg Monarch’s vs Eastman Selects October 20, 2020

Winnipeg Monarch’s vs. Eastman Selects WU15AAA Regular Season October 20, 2020   Winnipeg Monarchs (Live: 1) #3 Tavon McCorrister (LHD) Strengths – Body strength; good gap control but will hit and take himself out of the play; simple plays to get puck out of danger; good stick to break up plays Improvements – skill; struggles against faster opponents; skating is choppy  McCorrister made a lot of very simple but effective … Read more

Eastman Selects vs Winnipeg Sharks October 16, 2020

Eastman Selects vs. Winnipeg Sharks WU15AAA Regular Season October 16, 2020   Eastman Selects #9 Avery Laliberte – Defense  Strengthens – Above average straight line speed and good on his edges; good hand-eye coordination; physical, but needs to work on his lower body strength; active offensively Improvements: Keeping his head up; 1v1 puck skills/battle; Laliberte had a solid game, where he was active offensively, jumping into the play with regularity … Read more

RHA Nationals vs. Eastman Selects, October 10, 2020

RHA Nationals vs. Eastman Selects   WU15AAA/CSSHL Exhibition October 10, 2020   RHA: #8 Merrek Arpin –defense – Arpin had a solid game both offensively and defensively. He kept plays alive in the offensive zone by getting the puck deep and making quick passes. He got a lot of pucks through traffic to the net. Defensively he closed gaps well and won a fair amount of board battle. He skates … Read more