Saskatoon Bandits Vs. Warman Wildcats November 21st, 2020

Saskatoon Bandits: #5 Brady Blackburn D – Blackburn showed off his skating and edgework, often burning opponents who were applying pressure on the forecheck. He showed a lot of hustle throughout the entire game. Good puck skills and was vocal on a lot of plays. #9 Kyle Lardner D – Lardner had a great point shot that had a lot of power behind it. Played a nice physical game. #16 … Read more

Saskatoon Stallions Vs. Humboldt Broncos November 21st, 2020

Saskatoon Stallions: #7 Zach Moore F – Moore is a forward that you can count on to constantly provide full effort on every single play. He positions himself in the right areas to get rebound goals as well as defensively breaking up passes. He has a nose for driving the net and has non stop hustle when it comes to the forecheck. #10 Tyson Goguen F – Goguen has excellent … Read more

Humboldt Broncos Vs. Northeast Wolfpack Nov. 14th, 2020

Humboldt Broncos: #9 Ty Dauvin F – Had a very solid game. Was consistently working hard the entire game. Dauvin was excellent while forechecking using it to create a turnover that eventually led to a goal for him. He has good positioning and had great board play. #14 Evhan Allan F – Allan was making solid passes throughout the night. He always seemed to be involved in plays and used his … Read more

Saskatoon Generals Vs. Northeast Wolfpack

GAME REVIEW: The home team Generals were down by 1 going into the third and things looked even worse for them as they went down 2-0 less than a minute into the last period. A powerplay goal scored by #23 Logan Pickford (F) sparked a comeback win as the Generals stormed back for a 3-2 regulation win over the visiting Wolfpack. Online Viewing My player of the game for each team: … Read more

Winnipeg Warriors vs Winnipeg Monarchs October 28, 2020

Winnipeg Warriors vs. Winnipeg Monarchs WU15AAA Regular Season October 28, 2020 Winnipeg Warriors (Live: 2)  #4 Hayden Moore (Center) Strengths – puck handling in small areas; net presence; good skater, has good edges but needs add separation to make up for small frame; didn’t force plays; puck hound, work ethic and aggressive Improvements – D-zone awareness and positioning; transitioning from DZ to NZ; skating speed; Moore is a player who … Read more

Yellowhead Chiefs @ Winnipeg Warriors – U15AAA Winnipeg – Oct 24, 020

Yellowhead Chiefs vs Winnipeg Warriors Winnipeg AAA U15 League  Saturday Oct 24, 2020 Notre Dame Arena Winnipeg Warriors: (5) #8 Jonas Woo (Right Hand Defense): This high energy defenseman had a solid game. Nice first passes. Uses edges to shuck off defenders, evades fore checkers and puck protects well. He is always directing traffic out there, especially on pk formation. Played good position and used his partners well. Was physical … Read more

Winnipeg Monarch’s vs Eastman Selects October 20, 2020

Winnipeg Monarch’s vs. Eastman Selects WU15AAA Regular Season October 20, 2020   Winnipeg Monarchs (Live: 1) #3 Tavon McCorrister (LHD) Strengths – Body strength; good gap control but will hit and take himself out of the play; simple plays to get puck out of danger; good stick to break up plays Improvements – skill; struggles against faster opponents; skating is choppy  McCorrister made a lot of very simple but effective … Read more

Saint George U15 Prep VS Yale U15 Prep 10/17/2020

Saint George U15 Prep VS Yale U15 Prep 10/17/2020 League CSSHL Date October 17, 2020 Online Viewing Saint George’s: # 13 Jordan Gavin (Froward): Jordan Gavin will probably one of the most watched players this year in the CSSHL. Being to top 06 scorer last year in the prep devision. Gavin played on the first line with Louie Sim and Hirocki Gojsic. Jordan scored a great goal from a turn … Read more