2020 WHL Mid-Season Newsletter

  New Year’s day marks the half way point of the season for our scouting crew. We have already spent hundred of ours at the rinks and thinking out our lists, now we are glad to present our 2020 Mid-Season Newsletter. Which features rankings of some of the top WHL draft eligible along with quick individual reports on all players rank. Any questions or concerns please be sent to draftgeekhockey@outlook.com. … Read more

2019 WHL Draft Guide

120 Pages and over 76000 Words on this years Western Canada 2004 Draft Class. Be sure to save the file! If you have any issues email bsulliva5@live.ca with the receipt. Features: Top 200 Player Rankings and Reports Top 25 Goalie Rankings and Reports Top 30 American’s with spotlights Additional Players to Watch Team by Team First Pick Focus In-Depth Rankings Attribute Rankings 2020 WHL Draft Preview Scouts Lists