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Opportunities for the 2019-2020 Season!


Hockey Scouting

Throughout our first three seasons as a hockey scouting service, DraftGeek has developed a credible reputation in the hockey world. Strong integrity, unmatched work ethic, honest respect, and consistent optimism have become the foundation of our service. We believe the only way to build relationships and improve your hockey mind is by getting out to the rink’s and studying. DraftGeek looks to assist you in you journey as a hockey scout. 


Every year we get messages from people looking to get involved in scouting but live outside the borders of Western Canada. This year we are looking add those who want to get involved anywhere. With our sights set on the 2019/2020 season, DraftGeek is looking to improve its Western Canada coverage grouping from the ground up. With opportunities in many locations, we are looking to establish ourselves in the NHL Draft community in a big way and with the right crew. 

Responses will be within 48 Hours!