Prospect Profile: Josh Van Mulligen

NAME: Josh Van Mulligen TEAM: Medicine Hat Tigers (AMBHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’0/169lbs POSITION: Defense HAND: Left DRAFT RANKINGS: 41ST SKATING: 4 SKILL: 3.75 SHOT: 4 SMARTS: 4.25 PHYSICAL: 4   With Dawson Seitz missing much of the season due to injuries it was up to returning defenseman Josh Van Mulligen to set the example for his team mates. Van Mulligen posted 27 points this past season, second amongst defenseman in the AMBHL. Van Mulligen is a … Read more

Prospect Profile: Noah Chadwick

NAME: Noah Chadwick TEAM: Saskatoon Stallions HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’0/150lbs POSITION: Defense HAND: Left DRAFT RANKINGS: 37TH SKATING: 4.25 SKILL: 3.5 SHOT: 3.5 SMARTS: 3.75 PHYSICAL: 4.25   Chadwick may have struggled with some injuries this year, but that did not hold him back from producing at two points per game ratio. He also got the call up to Midget hockey where he produced two points in three games. Chadwick is a very sound defender who takes … Read more

Player Profile: Harrison Lodewyk

NAME: Harrison Lodewyk TEAM: Red Deer Rebels (AMBHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’11/15lbs POSITION: Forward HAND: Left DRAFT RANKINGS: 43RD SKATING: 4.5 SKILL: 4.25 SHOT: 4 SMARTS: 3.5 PHYSICAL: 4   There is a reason why Harrison Lodewyk was named captain of the Red Deer Rebels this past season over other returning forwards, this kid has the ‘it’ factor and high character off the ice. Lodewyk is an enthusiastic two-way center that possesses separation level speed and a … Read more

Prospect Profile: Arjun Bawa

NAME: Arjun Bawa TEAM: St. George’s(CSSHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’2/160lbs POSITION: Forward HAND: Left DRAFT RANKINGS: 31ST SKATING: 4.25 SKILL: 3.75 SHOT: 4 SMARTS: 3.75 PHYSICAL: 4.75   Arjun Bawa is a monster. Son of Robin Bawa a former NHL player. Arjun is hard to miss when he is on the ice, he has all the physical tools in the world with imposing size, intimidating strength, powerful skating, and nifty puck handling. Bawa’s a skilled power winger who’s … Read more

Player Profile: Trae Johnson

NAME: Trae Johnson TEAM: Martinsville Marauders (SBAAHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’11/15lbs POSITION: Forward HAND: Left DRAFT RANKINGS: 81ST SKATING: 3.5 SKILL: 3.5 SHOT: 4 SMARTS: 3.5 PHYSICAL: 4.5   Paired on a line with Tysen Durant, Johnson and Durant made themselves known as a difficult to play against duo who could also accumulate a large amount of production, with 67 points this past season. Johnson is a skilled power forward who imposes himself on anyone in his … Read more

Player Profile: Andrew Lacroix

NAME: Andrew Lacroix TEAM: West Van Warriors (CSSHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’11/170lbs POSITION: Winger HAND: Left DRAFT RANKINGS: 13TH SKATING: 4.25 SKILL: 4 SHOT: 4.25 SMARTS: 4.25 PHYSICAL: 4.5   Andrew Lacroix is an imposing strong power winger who puts himself in the right spots offensively and has the presence of mind to distribute and work off the puck to succeed offensively. Andrew Lacroix is a stellar complimentary player, a balanced style of player who strong on his … Read more

Player Profile: Ben Riche

NAME: Ben Riche TEAM: Prairie Storm (SBAAHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’10/154lbs POSITION: Center HAND: Left DRAFTGEEK RANK: 44TH SKATING: 4 SKILL: 3.75 SHOT: 3.75 SMARTS: 3.5 PHYSICAL: 4.25 STRENGTHS: Non Stop Motor Aggressive Forechecking Nose for the Net Strength and Speed Turnover Creator AREAS TO IMPROVE: Diversify Attack Consistency Too Perimeter at Times Passing at Top Speed Riche is a true power forward with a nose for the net who produced 71 points this past season. Riche is … Read more

Player Profile: Ty Halaburda

NAME: Ty Halaburda TEAM: Pacific Coast Sea Devils HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’10/145lbs POSITION: Center HAND: Right DRAFTGEEK RANK: 21ST SKATING: 4.5  SKILL: 4.5 SHOT: 3.75 SMARTS: 4 PHYSICAL: 4.25   Halaburda was a returning player to a bit of middle of the pack academy. He started the year playing in the second division tournament, playing in games that were not lined with scouts like a Yale vs Delta Green would be. However, Ty Halaburda took some significant steps … Read more

Player Profile: Matteo Fabrizi

NAME: Matteo Fabrizi TEAM: Yale Lions (CSSHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’3/222lbs POSITION: Defense HAND: Left DRAFT RANKINGS: 12TH   SKATING: 3.75 SKILL: 3.75 SHOT: 3.5 SMARTS: 4 PHYSICAL: 5   At the start of the year, Matteo Fabrizi was a projected second round pick from St. Albert who chose to go and play in British Colombia for one of the more dominant CSSHL academies – Yale. From the first viewing of Fabrizi you could see he has … Read more

Player Profile: Caden Price

NAME: Caden Price TEAM: Saskatoon Generals HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’10/199lbs POSITION: Defense HAND: Left DRAFT RANKINGS: 35TH SKATING: 4.5 SKILL:  4 SHOT: 4.25 SMARTS: 3.75 PHYSICAL: 3.5   Price produced a whopping 55 points this past season with the Saskatoon Generals. Price is another excellent skating defenseman with good size who loves to rush the puck up ice and activate into the offense whenever he can. An agile skater who can change direction well and speed possess … Read more