Player Profile: Brayden Dube

NAME: Brayden Dube TEAM: Parkland Rangers (MBAAA) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’8/146lbs POSITION: Forward HAND: Right DRAFT RANKINGS: 20TH SKATING: 4 SKILL: 4.5 SHOT: 4.75 SMARTS: 4 PHYSICAL: 4   Our top ranked player coming out of Manitoba this past season, Dube posted an impressive 74 points and 130 points. The extremely gifted offensive player with a nose for the net and can finish from anywhere. Started the season with five goal game. The fantastic player with the … Read more

Player Profile: Lukas Hansen

NAME: Lukas Hansen TEAM: Winnipeg Warriors (MBAAA) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’10/152lbs POSITION: Center HAND: Left DRAFT RANKINGS: 40TH SKATING: 4 SKILL: 3.25 SHOT: 3.5 SMARTS: 3.25 PHYSICAL: 4.5   Hansen is one of the most honest players in this draft class, he’s a lead by example type of center who will hunt down pucks, drive the net hard, commit to the back check, and support the puck in all three zones. A ‘keep the flies’ … Read more

Player Profile: Grayden Slipec

NAME: Grayden Slipec TEAM: West Vancouver Warriors (CSSHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’9/155lbs POSITION: Center HAND: Left DRAFT RANKINGS: 6TH SKATING: 3.5 SKILL: 5 SHOT: 4.5 SMARTS: 4.5 PHYSICAL: 3.5   Grayden Slipec was a returning player for the West Vancouver Warriors, and because Bedard decided to go up and play with the Midget Prep’s, Slipec was the most touted prospect on the team and he had all the hype going in to the season. Our … Read more

Player Profile: Bauer Dumanski

NAME: Bauer Dumanski TEAM: Humboldt Broncos (SBAAHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’10/151lbs POSITION: Defense HAND: Left DRAFT RANKINGS: 26TH   SKATING: 4 SKILL: 4 SHOT: 4.25 SMARTS: 4 PHYSICAL: 4   A leader for Humboldt in every aspect, Dumanski led his team in scoring with 33 points as a defenseman and played double shifting minutes in all situations. Dumanski is the most complete defenseman in the province and has no holes to his game. He’s also a very … Read more

Player Profile: Deagan McMillan

NAME: Deagan McMillan TEAM: Delta Green(CSSHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’1/176lbs POSITION: Forward HAND: Right DRAFT RANKINGS:24TH SKATING: 3.25 SKILL: 4.25 SHOT: 4 SMARTS: 4.5 PHYSICAL: 4 STRENGTHS: Offensive Positioning Offensive Awareness Net Front Presence Small Area Passing Gritty Finishing AREAS TO IMPROVE: Blue Line Back Presence Skating Abilities Boards to Boards Vision Deagan McMillan is a skilled new aged power forward with a lanky rangy physique and robust offensive abilities. Skating wise McMillan is average, he gets … Read more

Player Profile: Talon Brigley

NAME: Talon Brigley TEAM: Red Deer Rebels (AMBHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’8/135lbs POSITION: Center HAND: Right DRAFT RANKINGS: 29TH SKATING: 4 SKILL: 4 SHOT: 3.75 SMARTS: 4.75 PHYSICAL: 3.5   Talon Brigley is a bit of an enigma for a lot of scouts, he was affected in January with an upper body injury that kept him out of the lineup for the John Reid, All Star Game, and the rest of the regular season. He was still … Read more

Player Profile: Jayden Perron

NAME: Jayden Perron TEAM: Winnipeg Warriors (MBAAA) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’7/125LBS POSITION: Forward HAND: Right DRAFT RANKINGS: 39TH SKATING: 4.5 SKILL: 4.5 SHOT: 3.5 SMARTS: 4 PHYSICAL: 3.25   Possibly the fastest and most dynamic players coming out of Manitoba. He produced 104 points this past season. Extremely slippery player, uber agile.  Change of direction and stops and starts as well as anyone.  First couple of steps are explosive.  There are moments where he picks up the puck … Read more

Player Profile: Ryker Singer

NAME: Ryker Singer TEAM: Lloydminster Bobcats (AMBHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’9/155lbs POSITION: Center HAND: Right DRAFTGEEK RANK: 22ND SKATING: 4 SKILL: 4 SHOT: 4.25 SMARTS: 4 PHYSICAL: 4.5   Coming into this season, Ryker Singer was a highly coveted prospect who was sought out to go in the top ten, possibly the top five with how he develops. While he does not land in those spots on our list, we do still firmly believe that Singer will be … Read more

Player Profile: Brady Birnie

NAME: Brady Birnie TEAM: Regina Monarchs HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’6/123lbs POSITION: Forward HAND: Left DRAFT RANKINGS: 63RD SKATING: 3.75 SKILL: 4 SHOT: 3 SMARTS: 4.25 PHYSICAL: 3   Brady Birnie had the luxury this past season of playing on one of the best lines in Western Canada bantam hockey. Playing alongside Sam Oremba and relative Carson Birnie, Brady posted 128 points in 31 games in the regular season. Birnie is an intelligent player who knows how to … Read more

Player Profile: Dawson Seitz

NAME: Dawson Seitz TEAM: SEAC Tigers (AMBHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’1/160lbs POSITION: Center HAND: Right DRAFT RANKINGS: 30TH SKATING: SKILL: SHOT: SMARTS: PHYSICAL:   Dawson Seitz is the most difficult player to predict in the draft by our accounts. Seitz suffered two serious injuries this past season and only suited up in 14 games including playoffs late in the season. It is unfortunate that there is no AB Cup because Seitz would have been one of the main … Read more