After a small break following the 2020 WHL Draft, we are proud to announce that DraftGeek Hockey will be returning for a fifth season. Starting late August our crew will begin to funnel posts and reports on everything regarding Western Canadian Hockey. We will also be looking to add new blood to the crew for September.


DraftGeek will be recruiting scouts for the 2020-2021 season.


DraftGeek is a self-funded Western Canadian scouting service founded in 2015, with a goal in mind to not only promote players but also promote our scouts. With numerous scouting alumni’s currently working with CHL teams. DraftGeek is looking to bring in scouts this season, people who are willing to go to the rink (pending on COVID-19 restrictions) and create the information on players. While the main focus is on the WHL Draft we are open to promoting scouts looking to forward there scouting portfolio. We are the first step in your scouting resume, giving scouts a platform and a similar structure to what they would expect from scouting with a team. DraftGeek is looking for hard working, driven, ambitious people who fit the philosophy that this service was built on. If you are interested in joining DraftGeek for the 2020-2021 season or have more questions please email Please provide your name, location, number, and ambitions. ¬†All responses will be acknowledged within 48 hours.


Looking to add scouts in British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan primarily.