Ivan Hlinka Tournament Report

The start of August marks the start of the new draft year for NHL scouts. Beginning there’s year long journey at the 2019 U-18 Ivan Hlinka Tournament which was once again held in the neighbouring countries of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. For five days it was home to the top under 18 talent in the world from eight power house hockey countries. From a scouting standpoint this tournament is … Read more

Canada U18 Camp Notes

Hockey Canada’s annual U18 Summer Camp took place on July 28th to July 30th. The summer camp contains 44 of the top under 18 talent in Canada and it is used to decide the Canadian Ivan Hlinka squad. We are starting to see a trend at these camps that players need to have a certain level of skill to get invited to them, it is no longer just required for … Read more

Looking Ahead To The 2020 Draft

  2020 isn’t that far away anymore, and it’s time to begin addressing the draft that will occur that year. Although most drafts end up being pretty similar in quality regardless of the hype going in, it’s difficult to deny the apparent strength of this draft. Led by Alexis Lafrenière, who’s about as good as it gets in a sub-generational prospect, the 2020 draft packs significant firepower at the top, … Read more